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  1. Telesco loves Grigson's cast aways. Oh, and Lawrence Guy should've been kept. I'm still a fan of that "guy".
  2. I think Manusky maybe 75% there in figuring out how to use our personnel properly...... Some things Manusky could do better: Manusky's learned that our secondary is a strong point, and them covering well can help these stunts and inside blitzes work out. Getting creative with blitzing is certainly helping us. Manusky needs to have Werner keep putting his hands in the dirt with the 3 and 4 point stance.He's actually pretty explosive off the snap when he does this. And for the love, stop dropping Werner into coverage. Reduce the cushion Toler gives receivers. 10 yards is ridiculou
  3. Not going against AJ Green is good news no matter how you slice it
  4. I've been begging to let Luck run more since his first season. He has the wheels and the size. I'm not saying let him take a bunch of hits, he can just slide. (which he needs to work on) You add another dimension to the offense and make the D pause, and or put a spy on Luck and take a LB out of coverage. Let Luck run!!
  5. No probably about it. Luck's combine numbers were very similiar
  6. When Trent actually takes off and doesn't Joseph Addai potter patter happy feet, he can do real damage. Just go man! You can do it!
  7. The guy kicked it to himself. I mean c'mon! Let me repeat how awesome Pat McAfee is..... The guy kicked it to himself!!! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!
  8. Why does Mike Carey even get to be on TV? Did nobody else say yes to the job? He's up there with Jeff Triplette. His head is so big it can't even fit in the picture.
  9. C'mon guys, let's get another TD!! Sunuva....it's that Luck kid again. Don't give him the ball back!! You know I'm coming for you, right? What a crazy game!! Watt is seriously a one man wrecking crew. Props to him. Glad we snuck out with a win! Pep..... Don't ever put Allen (or any TE) against Watt. Ever. Seriously.
  10. I was all about this game, until I heard that our O-Line is missing both starting guards. Watt is going to have a field day with that. Reitz is good at LG, so leave Louis at RG. Don't put Shipley in at guard for crying out loud. I hope Pep has game planned a lot of QB rollouts, slants, letting Luck run, and screens to help out the pass rush.
  11. I'd like to see Luck's rushing yards per quarter
  12. Reitz and Louis will start at guards. Gordy will step in for Butler.
  13. That's cool thanks for me keeping me on track. It's cool to be in the top 10 on stuff, but I don't put a lot of stock into rankings so much. Wins are what I care about the most.
  14. Defense gets an A Our Defense completely won the game for us. The Colts got 4 sacks on the Ravens that have only allowed 4 the last 4 games. Plus they held the Ravens under 300 total yards. I'll include Manusky in this, because the blitzing creativity was impressive and worked because our pass defense was fantastic. Offense gets a C They left waaaaay too many points on the board. They need to work on deep passes as well. I'd like to see more Moncreif on the field and less 3 TE sets. Special Teams gets an A (not counting Whalen, as he made too many dumb decisions) Consistently pinnin
  15. For signing a one year prove it deal, I don't feel he's proving that much. He has amazing hands and great God given abilities, but I think he is a tad lazy in his route running and gives up on plays to easily.
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