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This is the third Coltsfans’ web site I’ve been sign in since I became a Colts fan. The first two are closed, wish this is the last one. A lot of you guys may be curious or wondering why this Chinese would become a Colts fan, the answer is I don’t know either. In 2007, I was in the low period of my young life which was my job is bored and just broke up with my girlfriend, I told myself that I have to find something to spend time with, so American Football comes out, not to play with, I mean watch it. So I was going to searching football’s films online, then found a game which was the 41 Superbowl, back then I didn’t even know what’s Superbowl means, I wasn’t watching that game to end, didn’t know who won either. But from that moment I made a decision I gonna following Indianapolis Colts wherever she goes, I didn’t know why, just like you falling in love with a girl who you just saw in the first sight. This is the 6
year after I became a Colts fan, in the past 5 years what Colts has been though made me happy, also made my heart broken, but I still love her.
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