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  1. Is anyone starting Antonio Brown this week? He is eligible to play, but there is no news if he will actually be on the field. I don't know what the Patriots have in mind, so I wasn't planning on starting him until I see what is going on. Things should be clearer in the next few weeks. 


    I plan on staring Brady in one of my leagues, and will go with Edelman as one of my WR's . I'll also be using their defense. I don't care about the Patriots as a team, but in fantasy I'll use almost anyone who can get me points. 

  2. I don't know what to think; I can't automatically believe any accuser until I get more facts.  However, it wouldn't surprise me if Brown actually was guilty. Keeping an open mind here. She could be in it for money because the timing seems off since it first occurred in 2017.  Why did she go back to training him? After the first time, she shouldn't have trusted him to change.  


    As someone mentioned, it's the Patriots' problem now. let them deal with the situation. 

  3. Vinatieri didn't look good yesterday, and I have a feeling that he might be retiring sooner than expected. Maybe he'll rebound, and I'll be wrong. I would give him a few more weeks, and if things don't work out it could be time to move on. 

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  4. Maybe it means that they deserve a break from criticism for their questionable actions? (which they bring on themselves.) They already get a break by being in the same division as the Dolphins and Jets! 


    I didn't watch the whole game, so was it Collinsworth who made that comment? it sounds like something he would say. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Luck 4 president said:

    I usually put 10-15 hours of research before my fantasy draft, but this year I just haven’t had the time. My draft is tomorrow and I was wondering who are some of your favorite sleepers and value picks. I think Austin Ekelor and David Montgomery are some guys I might reach for. Any advice is appreciated. 

    Those are good choices. Gordon is out for an extended time, so Ekelor will be the top RB for the Chargers. David Montgomery is the Bears' starting RB, and is bound to get a lot of targets. Nagy has implied that the other RB, Cohen was worked too often last season, and his workload could decrease a bit, putting Montgomery on top. 

  6. Peyton Manning would never show it, but if I were in his place I'd be annoyed with ESPN. They just don't give up; he already told them "no", but they keep bugging him. Peyton would help their ratings (which must be low); why else would they be so desperate?

    If Peyton does change his mind, it would probably be on his terms. It sounds like ESPN is begging, so they'd give in to almost anything he  would request.

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  7. I actually predicted the Jets game correctly last week. That's the team I could never get right.


    It's going to be more difficult to predict wins now. There are going to be upsets as teams are going to step up to knock others out of the playoffs. it will be interesting to see who (if anyone) beats Kansas City first. I think it will be a team in their own division. it would be nice if Indy were the first team to do it, like with Seattle and Denver.

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