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  1. Team predictions: 


    Chiefs miss the playoffs

    Jaguars coach is fired mid season


    Player predictions: 

    Joe Burrow wins OROY

    Ben Roethlisberger plays all season without an injury

    Trubisky is benched midseason; Foles takes over and leads Bears to playoffs

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  2. 1 hour ago, PuntersArePeopleToo said:



    Now that would be a bold prediction. Who knows with 2020 anything is possible, including Cincy beating out the Packers, Vikings, Bears, and Lions to when the NFC North



    I didn't even notice the typo. However, maybe I'm on to something: Cincy winning the AFC North and NFC North.  The team could face itself during the playoffs. Joe Burrow Wonder kid!:D

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  3. Those are some bold predictions. Bengals win NFC North? Joe Burrow might be the real deal, time will tell. 


    CBS Sports has some bold predictions: Cowboys beat Chiefs in Super Bowl. Dak wins MVP award in 2020 Honors.  If it comes to that, Jerry Jones better be prepared to pay Dak top money. 

  4. I've been watching Game Pass during the free trial period, and plan on paying when the trial ends. For me, it's worth $100. I get to see games that aren't televised in my area, and can catch up on any Colts games I might miss. 

    You can also pay $30 in four month installments whichever you prefer. 

  5. 13 hours ago, WifiGuy said:

    not enough .   Hold out PM. He's worth more than that

     20 million not enough? How much do you think he's worth? 

    I hope he doesn't take it; ESPN has their own problems. I'm not able to watch  Manning because I don't have the channel. 

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