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  1. I had a dream where I was at the Superbowl and the teams playing were Green Bay and Buffalo. Location was in Houston, ad the score was tied 6-6 at halftime. I work up before the game ended, so don't know the winner. Premonition as to the next Superbowl? Not sure, but the dream seemed very real.

    1. Synthetic



      I dreamed Packers/Steelers SB twice!!! Actually would love to see them have a second go at it, very entertaining the first time around. 

    2. southwest1


      A Packers vs Bills SB you say. Do you remember who the play by play announcers were in the broadcast booth in your dream TS? Just curious. 

    3. teganslaw


      SW1, I don't know who the announcers were, and I didn't recognize the voices. I know it was in Houston because I used to live there, and the setting was familiar. That's all I remember in the dream.

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