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  1. He was blazin fast at Florida, I know that. Just watching the few games that I did.... I would say with full gear add 2-3 seconds to his 40 time... His "football speed" is fast:)
  2. I am under the so many posts restriction still. I would love to be in the league...Just lemme know..
  3. I would say T.O.... Moss is going to be limited to snaps, and T.O. has the better passing QB by far. T.O is going to also be the main WR target with the Seahawks for sure...
  4. RIght off the Bat, as much as I love the colts My predictions are AFC Patriots/Steelers NFC Eagles/49ers Super Bowl Steelers/49ers Winnder of SB47- 49ers
  5. Also Andy, my team name is USMC Heres my Bio: 1. Where you from? South Carolina 2. Job: Control Room Operator for Georgia Pacific / Youth Pastor 3. How long you've been doing fantasy football? 5 years. Around 30 NFL/Yahoo leagues and 10-15 Home/Work leagues 4. Your favorite team? Colts Baby! I bleed Blue and White 5. Your favorite player? Peyton Manning 6. Why you decided to do Fantasy Football, and why this league? I got into fantasy football through some buddies at work a long time ago. I decided to do this league to be with other die-hard colts fans that I hope are active.
  6. I will draft Luck as my second QB, which I have done in 2 of my leagues. One league I have vick, luck and the other I have Manning, Luck... I have wayne in one of my leagues (got him in 6th round:) )...
  7. I am in! Wooohoooo! will be fun to play with some diehard colts fans like myself:)!
  8. I was a Denver fan before Peyton signed, so now I still have two favorites:) Colts will always be first though:)!
  9. RG3 may end up making a great NFL QB, but I think that Luck will fit in better with how the Colts are wanting to run things...I wish both of them Luck this coming season:)!
  10. Would have to agree with this post.... I think Stanton would make a great backup to Luck, or if for some reason they decide to start Stanton, it would not bother me... He is probably the best Back up QB Colts have had since they came to INDY
  11. I cannot stand the Patriots, not one bit... And I really dont like the Texans either...
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