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  1. I'm sure that everyone here represents our team with at least one jersey.


    1.  Which Colts players "authentic" (sewn on letters & numbers) do you own?


    2.  Which Colts players replica (screened on letters and numbers) do you own?

  2. 1.  I am an avid fantasy football player on NFL.com.  I'm a two-time league champion.


    2.  I wanted to draft both Jonathan Taylor and the Colts defense - but - someone snatched them just before it was my turn to draft.


    3.  I added Michael Pittman before this past weekend.  I'm dropping him tomorrow.  The Colts are distributing the ball to so many players this year - that no one other than Jonathan Taylor will help me win a third fantasy championship.


    Best wishes to everyone - unless you're playing in my league - then........well you know.   LOL!!

  3. I have been to the Hall of Fame for multiple inductions featuring the 1972 - 1973 Super Bowl Champion Miami Dolphins:


    Don Shula 

    Paul Warfield

    Bob Griese

    Larry Csonka

    Larry Little

    Nick Buoniconti


    The Hall of Fame weekend is really special - wish I could have been there for Peyton & Edgerrin !!

  4. My thought process was that I would (personally) rather see a HEALTHY player attempt FGs and PATs than one that was DEFINITELY injured.


    Rigo had plenty of time on the sidelines to "work the net".  I think he was also a kicker for his college team.


    When he was suddenly thrust in to the game with next to zero notice - I can see anyone in that position not doing well.

  5. On 10/13/2021 at 5:57 PM, holeymoley99 said:

    Why do you think you can kick a field goal from a punting position ? If this were the case it would be the norm very easy to punt through the uprights. There is no such rule however. If the ball is punted and goes through the uprights, it's a touchback. 


    Only thing close but not really is the drop kick which is never used and isnt accurate because ball has to hit the ground first

    It's happened before in NFL history - not too often - but - I have seen it happen in a game or two before.


  6. In Sunday's nights loss to the Ravens - the kicking/punting team left 10 points "on the field".


    Knowing that the injury to Hot Rod occurred pre-game and obviously didn't get better as the game wore on - would YOU have felt more confident with a HEALTHY Rigoberto Sanchez kicking - or - taking a chance on Hot Rod?


    Remember - a punter CAN kick a field goal from a punting position.

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  7. I personally had no problem with the NFL and HBO's partnership for the "Hard Knocks" show being filmed during teams' training camps.  The roster is in flux due to injuries - the signing of draft picks - the signing of undrafted free agents - and - such.  Game plans aren't being installed.  It's mostly drills - getting in game shape - trimming the roster down to the season limit - etc.


    However - I have a serious problem with the NFL REQUIRING teams to allow HBO to film their show during the regular season.


    Injured players are rehabbing.  Game plans are being installed.  Coaches and/or players are on the "hot seat".  I could go on for another 15 or 20 minutes - as I'm sure many of you could.


    Simply put - the REQUIREMENT of allowing HBO "behind the scenes" during the regular season is nothing more than a "money grab" and a TOTALLY UNECESSARY DISTRACTION for teams interested in working toward the playoffs.


    What are YOUR thoughts on this new NFL requirement - and - the fact that it will potentially impact our team during the 2021 season?

  8. My pick would be TE Dallas Clark - a leader on and off the field.


    Bill Polian proclaimed after selecting Dallas in the first round of 2003 draft - "You're gonna love this guy!".


    We did and he he's worthy of the "Ring of Honor".


    PS.  I agree with the idea of removing Marshall Faulk and the reasoning behind the suggestion.

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  9. I've been an Indianapolis Colts fan since the day it was announced that the team was moving to Indy.  Saw Mayor Hudnut and owner Robert Irsay celebrate the agreement.  Watched the Mayflower vans load up - and - then unload in Indy.  

  10. I agree with all of the above.


    I saw a LOT of promising things.  I saw a LOT of disappointing things - like all the penalties - and - the yardage those gobbled up.


    Defense looked better - with the exception of a injury-decimated back line.


    Offense is beginning to click.


    Special teams continue to live up to their moniker - with the exception of the muffed punt.


  11. Today is the first day for ticket sales.  The following changes have been made since I first posted:


    1.  Edgerrin James' appearance has been moved from Saturday to Sunday.


    2.  Brandon Stokeley will be signing autographs on Saturday.


    3.  Bob Sanders is no longer listed.



  12. I'm going to pick the MNF playoff game - as it adds one more game for fans to watch - at a point in time that the games will be dwindling toward the off-season.


    I don't like the 17th game - as it adds the insult to the possibility of injury.

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