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  1. Who gives a % about defense this year? They weren't going to compete. Might as well go straight offense, get Luck his players. This isn't about building a balanced team right now, that's too far of a stretch. This is about showing skeptical fans that Luck is the darn future. I got a good feeling if we keep with the offense Luck will be ROTY. (Knock on wood). Defense can wait. Show the fans who is leading the team now.
  2. Colts could just sign Luck right and I would be extremely happy. But if they wait till draft day to announce the obvious that is fine too. If Luck tears both his ACL's and MCL's I would still sign him before RG3.
  3. Ain't happening in my mind. My very, very liberal guess is 7 wins. My love for Luck makes me say 6. My conservative view is 5 (probably the most accurate). And in the back of my mind I can't help but think 4 or less just because of the HUGE rebuild taking place. I just hope Luck passes for 3,500 with 23 touchdowns. Reggie Wayne being back helps an enormous amount, he was the one player I predicted would be hitting the market out of all of them (shows how much I know).
  4. The Colts didn't "Suck for Luck" to take Robert Griffin. Case closed, now stop pretending like there is actually a contest between them and you would actually take the risk on Griffin when you have Luck there.
  5. Really? Please elaborate on that oh dear wise one.
  6. This forum gives me a headache. The title and description alone is enough to make me reach for a handgun. P.S. Don't worry about the 'Skins; their cap hit alone is going to make sure that team will live in mediocrity for 4-6 years. P.P.S. Andrew Luck is clearly the #1 QB. Andrew Luck is the best college QB I HAVE EVER SEEN. EVER SEEN. RG3 is a darned good player and I wish him well but teams didn't "Suck for Luck" to end up taking Robert Griffin. Case closed. Go Cardinal, Go Colts, Go Andrew. P.P.P.S. Sorry about all the post-scripts but here is a nice little joke to end on. RG3 wears socks wi
  7. Believe me, I know of Stephen Hill. Are you saying you would have no problem spending a 2nd round pick on a guy who has caught less than 50 passes in his entire college career? Let me repeat that: In his entire college career he has caught (drumroll please) >50 passes! Don't make me remind you of the dropped balls either, you won't like that. Please dude, just because he is a beast gym-rat doesn't mean he is a beast football player... (See Dontari Poe from Memphis for exactly what I mean(except Hill is an extreme version of that)). I am really hoping I cleared this up for you. Really really
  8. As far as any WR's you guys all seem to want. Blackmon is the only one that is worth anything. Give all of the others a look, they are either drunks (Floyd) J. Russell versions of WR (Jeffrey) teensy-tiny 5'9" WR (Wright) or too slow (every other WR). Look at DB, DT, or C. I like Konz. I also like the OK State safety in later rounds.
  9. Well, considering that would mean St. Louis would have the first pick they would have traded that pick, so there goes all the hypothetical trade power you predicted Indy would have. The past is past, the future is now. Get over it.
  10. Fleener is going in the 1st. No doubt about it. His pro day proved that. I would be surprised if he got past Harbaugh's 49'ers. I wouldn't mind if the Colts took Konz from Wisco to replace Saturday. Boom, there is your new center QB combo.
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