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  1. Shouldn't we reserve judgement until we see what happens? I don't think Brissett is a 1-year stop-gap. If he is then we make a move, but lets give the guy a chance. He was pretty good in 2017 with no time to prepare and a crappy o-line.
  2. Brissett is our guy. He looked pretty good in 2017 when the rest of the team didn't. Let not forget that he was not yet comfortable in that offense either. He would have to bomb this whole season for me to want to grab an elite QB prospect in the draft.
  3. I thought it was funny and so did most of the non-titan fans at the draft. You could hear them laughing and cheering as soon as he said it.
  4. Why does anyone care about $10 to $13 million for a one year contract when we had over $100 million to start? We aren't going to spend all our cap space anyways and it won't hurt it in the future.
  5. Yep they help your offensive production, keep the defense honest so pass protection, and running game helps the defense as well.
  6. Except Matt Millen never picked the best player available lol. Most GM's go by this rule and by "best player available" they still mean within reason. Obviously, you wouldn't draft a QB with a young healthy Andrew Luck.
  7. I don't believe any of those teams would trade those players for a #3 right now. The answer is certainly not as clearcut as some would like the rest to believe. I would do it, but not if Barkley is there because I think he will be better than all of them.
  8. Ok but when you say it's been mostly OT's and defensive players that still covers a lot of positions and I'm guessing that the ratio still isn't great. Don't get me wrong. I would be happy with Drafting Chubb at #3 or trading back and taking Nelson. But I do believe Barkley would be a great pick.
  9. Show me the stats on top 5 players drafted at any position that won a SB with said team. I bet the SB win ratio isn't that great with any position.
  10. I'm not sure about that. Seems like most people believe that Barkley is a safe pick whether he is their favorite or not. When you are picking that high in the draft you have to trade back or go with the sure thing. Any GM worth anything takes the best player on the board. Considering Barkley is probably just that, why would you respect Ballard any less for taking him? Just because you don't want a RB that early? Gore is old and currently a FA. A bell cow RB is a pretty big need for us right now as well.
  11. Barkley. Our pass protection is horrible but our run blocking isn't completely bad. A great young RB would help keep the defensive honest so less sacks and way more offensive production. It's a no brainer for me. If Barkley isn't there then go Chubb. I would absolutely hate an OL pick at #3 unless we traded way down and got a lot for it.
  12. I can't believe I'm saying this but Rigoberto Sanchez is already better than McAfee and he is a rookie!
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