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  1. Bayless has always hated on us,He loves RG3 and Hes a Cowboys fan.He makes no sense.He said Luck would be a bust from the get go.He will eat crow.
  2. I dont watch the show,but I was amazed Strahan??He did Subway commercials
  3. I knew Locker would get that job.Hes gonna be scary in this division.
  4. I would be surprised if Cousins ever replaced Rg with all the hype surrounding him.Cousins is a pretty good QB and someone will pick him up.
  5. I like Al Micheals and mike Moyock.Cant take Gruden,Heath Evans
  6. Im glad we took Luck too.RG3 will have a rough time in a very tough division.I wish hed cut the dreads.
  7. Eli is really getting some commercials,he deserves some praise after winning 2 SBs.This one is great.
  8. Manning did not look as sharp at the Bears game,the ball seemed to be coming out slower,but what can you tell by preseason really.
  9. Agreed ,Brees is the face of the franchise,Hes done alot for New Orleans but top 2 QB,We shall see.Youve got alot of compeitition in the Nfc.Eli,Rodgers,Cam,Rg3,Vick.But most people nowadays buy into the media hype.
  10. Brees is a great QB,but not worth that kind of money.The main reason is He isnt very clutch like Eli and cant play outside the Thunderdome.They lost a key game to the 49ers and Seattle the year before..His record on the road is dismal,that kind of money.Are you kidding me
  11. Maybe Peyton likes the mountains.He played in Knoxville now on to Denver.Dont blame him.Plus,He may want to prove himself in an outdoor,cold weather stadium.I hope He lites it up.
  12. Can We finally stop hearing a/b him now,I doubt it.At his age,I hope it pans out.
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