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  1. Mine too, I had Bert's jersey with my plastic Horseshoe helmet and shoulder pads for sand lot football.... I didn't recall which came first Elway or the move but either way the older Irsay was not very stable... again I don't forgive Elway at all, the draft was the draft and he should have played but I can give him at least some leeway for his viewpoint...
  2. Been a Colts fan my entire life... not happy Peyton is gone but given the circumstances with the season and where the team is I agree with the decision to go after the next 10 years with Luck. I will be a secondary Bronco's fan only because of Manning... I do remember the Elway situation and as bad as it was, from Elway's prospective the owner (the late Irsay) was a meglomaniac and had just pulled the team out of Baltimore in the dead of night (plus the Colts at the time were just horrendous)... I live in Cleveland and the original Browns pull out had a three year advance notice followed by "
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