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  1. this is a very hard decision for the fat they have different things they bring to the game, I believe Whalen has better Route running and cathes in traffic better but i also think Brazil is better at beating coverage and has more acceleration and top speed, so i guess it all for what or looking for and what your trying to do to the opposing defense. i would like to see them both playing sine they both have stepped up and it is giving Luk more targets to throw at no matter who gets the #3 spot.
  2. Luck and T.Y.? why not Luck and Reggie?
  3. not to be hard on freeney cuz he was absoultly awesome in are 4-3, he wasnt that great as a LB, and didnt have the strength to get through the o-line to stop the runner
  4. lol ive alrdy said my part on this im not repeating myself
  5. well the trade in itself i can agree with you no running back is worth a 1st round pick unless you know your getting a arian peterson or something cuz other than that they just dont give you what you gave them up for, so that part i can agree with you on and i see how you can see if we get nothig for him that makes the trade even worst, but im not giving up on him unless he doesnt preform and well
  6. id say 6 targets, 4 catches 56 yards
  7. he was underthrown, they played a smart defensive play and made him look open, and luck didnt see it grant he could of thrown it futher and he could of still got to it but he wsnt underthrown
  8. i guess well see, and most of the time tht your talking about him not going nywhere is cuase his o-line just falls apart before he even gets the ball in his hand = no push and them sometimes flling over, you can say brown has been doing quite well but he also was a 1st round pick and has had 4 yrs with us, bout time all i got to say so just give him another year and see what happens
  9. alright and you are right about some of his games, cant deny it, but look at it this way, 1. came to our team in mid season 2. doesn't know the playbook 3. O-line practically collapses it looks like when he runs 4. does cut to early at time (does need to work on that) 5. when he gets past the O-line he actually does to something 6. does need to work on vision a lil bit but i believe that will be worked on during training camp, ota, preseason and in all seriousness if he does the same next year than youll be right and you can go on ahead and tell me you told me so but til than you have no mo
  10. how was are offense better last year, luck was getting sacked like crazy, was running all over the place tryingt o find receivers, now i know are offense has been skeptical but if we can move the ball around like we did our last game we will be fine and are averages will look much better next year
  11. lol well even with that you still didnt say anything bad about him just saying i hit a empty hornets nest i guess.
  12. honestly hope your wrong but with whalen back and how he did on return we obviously didn't sign him for a returner
  13. Lol i find it funny now that Trent has had a good game all the people who thought he wasnt worth anything have left this forum alone lol
  14. my bad a was typing in a hurry, and was just saying it and typing something different lol
  15. not only that if they stay healthy and do progress properly they will be are receiver core for at least 10 years, wow that would be awesome
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