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  1. Agreed but don't ahead of yourself. Still got a long road ahead of us and hope we don't get any more injuries. Need TEs and Hilton/Avery to step up as Reggie will get more and more attention. Improve run defense. Improve pass defense. Lots of things.

  2. It's basically the third game of his career. I mean, let it go.

    I think a bigger question was the fourth and inches decision. Our line is beat up and we can't run the ball, Raji was still in, why run that into the line? Play action pass or punt the ball. Don't give Rodgers a short field in a close game.

  3. I don't think it's done yet. New coaching staff that knows how to get the job done. Although we have a long way to go. It's possible. Definitely. If Luck is at all better than what we had last year, Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie can still get the job done. We still have keys. I'm not sold on Texans as easy winners. Remember we beat them last year.

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