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  1. hah keep dwight freeney there is no need to trade him and why would we help out the cowboys by having freeney and ware
  2. I think we should make a trade for mike jenkins i think a 5th or a 6th rounder next year would be able to get him. He was a probowler two years ago and with chuck pagano being an ex-cornerback coach i think he can help him become one in indy
  3. Dwight Freeney was traded to the pats for a 4th rounder this year and a 2nd rounder next year saw it on Adam Schefter's twitter
  4. Rashad

    Dale Moss

    Yea he let the balls get in his body at his pro day but a lot of those passes were behind him and not in front of him look at his actual highlights with the pads
  5. Rashad

    Dale Moss

    I say we take him and Ryan broyles I think they can both be late round steals and we still get great players in the earlier rounds
  6. Rashad

    Dale Moss

    I say the colts should take him I was reading something on him and he tries to mirror his game after Aj green and of course randy moss if the colts get a player like that the offense could be real dirty
  7. I think you guys should check this guy out he could be a late round steal! He had an amazing pro day. He ran an official 4.45 but was times as fast as a 4.38 he ran the fastest three cone either this year or In history I'm not sure but this is unheard of for a dude that is 6'3 we could definetly upgrade the defense and tight end position and get this guy late in the draft as a steal
  8. Once again I'm not saying that we should do this I'm just saying this would be a good alternative if something made them not want to take luck
  9. well you are obviously in love with andrew luck so anything said about him u r going to go against i didnt mean waste like its a bad pick i meant waste as in we can get better value out of that pick if we were to get a different qb such as mallett or a later talent in the draft if u read the whole thing i said im all for andrew luck
  10. Im all for getting Andrew luck and having him possibly sit behind Peyton but instead of wasting a 1st round pick for the future what about trying to make a move for Ryan mallett in terms of Qb he was said to be the best in last years draft if it wasnt for off the field stuff and he has been quiet this year after learning this "patriot" way and he would come to us for maybe like a 3rd rounder I think that could be a good scenario and we trade down to like the browns and get Their 2 first round picks
  11. im not asking whether or not u want the coach im saying that makes the most sense for a coaching candidate that irsay would look at
  12. There has been speculation that he is on the hot seat if he truly gets fired as well as Jim Caldwell don't u think irsay/polian would stick to the same type of coach we have had recently and hire him. That makes the most sense to me than some coordinator or Jim tressel
  13. i have no problem with drafting luck i just dont want to be stuck in a position like how we are now again id just rather have a good all around team because as good as peyton is if we had at least a top 15 defense we would be at least in the conference championship every year i believe that we can get ryan mallett from the pats for a 3rd or 2nd rounder if we trade down from the 1st overall
  14. bro come on now we are on a freaking forum r u really that much of a little girl that ur crying about grammar?
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