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  1. Gotta be honest, haven't posted in awhile as a result of not wanting to feed too much into all the madness. But this is amazing the guys they've released this week alone, Manning being the obvious one of course. However, looking at it objectively, they're just cutting guys that've been hurt and would be cut from any other team (aside from Manning obviously) given the circumstances. I mean, what good are any of those players on the bench? Where's Addai gonna go? How about Brackett or Bullitt? Role players at best for the rest of their careers, not a shot against them, just calling it how I see
  2. A college coach is exactly what the Colts have right now, and a sub par college coach at that...
  3. I heard Peyton bought a 30 sack of White Castle's.
  4. Ehh... I went and was impressed with the complex, but the atmosphere, not as much. Granted it was a blowout win against the Bengals, but still. I also thought that the loudspeakers telling fans not to use profanity on the way in was very '1984'.
  5. How hilarious would it be if they canned him this week and Indy won it's last three games with an interim coach? Wishful thinking.
  6. And they'd probably slip, fall, and end up on the IR.
  7. Tebow has a degree, he'd be able to get a better job than McD's. He'd probably get hired on at a really nice sushi restaurant.
  8. Bob had his chance in Indy. Let it go. Draft someone that has the size to withstand the grind of an NFL season, like Antoine Bethea.
  9. So we went from one of the winningest teams that would hardly ever cover the spread, to a douchy loser team that covers huge spreads by one point. I wouldn't consider that a silver lining.
  10. If you've been rooting for this squad for 45 years, then you of all people should be furious as to how this team has faired this season. NOT ONE VICTORY?! How can you defend that? I for one am so happy that there are only three weeks left of this awful, pathetic, farce of a season. After watching the Hoosiers play the other night, I've never been so excited to just move on to watching basketball. At least those kids have some heart.
  11. Dunno, the Colts did Baltimore pretty dirty. I don't blame them at all for holding a grudge, as long as they realize that the reason the team left if because no one was coming to their games anymore.
  12. Good points except for the O-Line. They really are much improved this year, and will only be better next year. But that defense, ouch.
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