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  1. Looking forward to a great year, In Luck We Trust.

    1. southwest1


      LUCK is the real deal & he will pay dividends for our franchise in very short order IMO.

  2. I would be ecstatic if we got Jenkin or Hill both could be franchise players on there side of the ball

  3. Why is everybody hating on Stephen Hill... I have him ranked over Coby Fleener

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    2. Moncrief


      And the general consensus is Fleener is better then Hill. Just check out cbssports/draft to get an idea of where players are stacked up.

      Also FTR I favor Dwayne Allen

    3. Dan


      I didn't want to see us draft Fleener purely because I highly rated Clark and Tamme, now if he's there at 34 we'd be so stupid to pass on him. Never doubted talent, just need - now no doubts on either.

    4. BrentMc11


      I like them both....best available at 34 in our needs.

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