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  1. It looked like a Chuck Pagano offense.
  2. I just asked Bob Sacamano what he thinks of Stacey Dales. His response, "The best"
  3. It's not like they are going to be playing in a foot of snow. Bob Sacamano told me there probably won't be much, if any accumulated snow on the field when they are playing.
  4. Is it actually snowing right now?.....a little? a lot?
  5. egg

    Pagano to Bears

    I actually think DC is his niche. His defenses in Indy generally over-achieved. Last year is a good example. Not much talent on defense, but they kept the Colts close in most games. It was last year's offense, especially the O-Line that was the drag on the team.
  6. UPDATE: BEGINNING 3:35 Central Time Flurries of touchdown passes falling into the Chiefs end-zone from Andrew Luck.
  7. egg

    Irsay's tweet for tomorrow's game

    He's just responding to a lot of talk that the Colts are an indoor team.
  8. The article mentions "a variety" of ailments that kept him out of 4 games early in the season. But since then, he has been healthy.
  9. egg

    We might be out Malik Hooker

    Who plays if Hooker is out? Odum? Mulligan? or whatever his name is.....
  10. egg

    Interesting Chiefs stat

    Yah, I personally think the Colts can do it. I don't think it's a given that the Chiefs score 40, or even 30.
  11. egg

    Interesting Chiefs stat

    In 16 regular season games, no defense could do that. The team that got closest was the Cardinals who held the Chiefs to 26 points. Interestingly, Arizona led the league in rushing Tackles For Loss with 99. 2nd best defense in Tackles For Loss was the Colts with 91. The Chiefs haven't played any other teams this year that are more disruptive at the LOS than the Cardinals and Colts. Unfortunately, if Hooker can't play, it probably won't matter.......
  12. egg


    My biggest concern is that the Colts will win the next 10 Super Bowls. How are they going to get anywhere if they are always drafting dead last?
  13. egg

    Reich's approach/gameplan heading into Saturday

    The big question is ... How well will the Colt's Defense play? Personally, I believe they could surprise us and hold the Chiefs to scoring in the low 20's.
  14. egg

    injury update

    At this point in the season, resting and getting mentally prepared is more important than physical practice.
  15. Ballard and Irsay planned last year to win as many games as they possibly could.