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  1. Even more enjoyable than The Brady Bunch reruns? .... please...
  2. It doesn't even need to be a lot of players. If key players test positive during the season and each one is quarantined for 2 weeks missing 2-3 games, what kind of a season will it be? I just don't see how they can go forward with the NFL this year and have meaningful, competitive, and enjoyable games.
  3. Maybe I shouldn't speak for Ballard, but personally I wanted to hear about the other players too.
  4. Exactly. He was asked about 5 consecutive questions about Eason, as if he were the only draftee that mattered. He may have been getting a bit annoyed. I know I was.
  5. He says Mack "struggles"when he's injured and Taylor "doesn't really catch the ball out of the backfield"... That's his criticism of the Taylor pick......not very insightful.
  6. If you look at the current roster, it doesn't look good as far as proven players go. There are 5 guys that are 1st year practice squad types who have never been on a 53 man roster. Then there are 2 "veterans" ; Donnel (T) drafted by the Rams in 2015 then cut in 2017. He was signed by the Ravens, then cut in 2017. Signed and cut by the Lions in 2018. Signed and cut by the Dolphins in 2019. Chaz Green (G); drafted by the Cowboys in 2015 and cut in 2017. Signed and cut by the Saints in 2018. Signed and cut by the Raiders in 2018. Out of the NFL in 2019.
  7. What non-starting OL men now on the Colts' roster do you think are good players?
  8. Unless his hands are attached directly to his shoulders, his arms are long enough for him to be (by default) the 6th best OL man the Colts have.
  9. Ballard said they tried to move UP to get him, but couldn't.
  10. Believe it or not, of all Indianapolis Colt running backs including Dickerson, Faulk, and James, Addai had more TDs in his first 4 years than all of them. (Yes, James got hurt his 3rd year, but still)
  11. I was agreeing with you, that it has been way too long since the Colts have had a legit WR tandem.
  12. And he hasn't been on the roster since, well, ... Reggie Wayne...
  13. I'm not trying to start an argument. I respect you as a poster, and everyone is entitled to an opinion. And after all, it's just a game.......... ......But I am absolutely shocked that some intelligent and thoughtful die-hard fans like yourself, after witnessing AV's performance last year, together with his old age, would not be upset. In my opinion, if AV wants to return to the Colts, his priority is personal records, and not what is best for the team. And if the Colts re-sign him, they are being foolish.
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