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  1. Surely you can see without me telling you that an owner is not breaking a contract when operating within the bounds of that contract. On the other hand, a player is breaking a contract when he operates beyond the bounds of a contract.
  2. And what about all the first round busts who never came close to compensating their employers for the millions they were paid? Should the owners not be allowed to dishonor those contracts and pro-rate their earnings to what they really deserve?
  3. You would take 31 other RB's over Marlin Mack.
  4. Go look at the Brissett highlights at 3:51.
  5. I'll say one thing about this thread, stuff like this makes me laugh out loud.
  6. At least put Pat MacAfee in a white coat and surgical mask with a thick Slovick accent speaking a bunch of gobbalty guke about a bone.
  7. Yah, but he won't be terrible. He will at least be serviceable. And if the O-Line is good , they can move the chains on the ground. I really believe that the O-Line, mostly because of a lack of depth, is possibly the weak link to the team. If we see very much of guys like Haeg and Clark on the line, it could be a rough year.
  8. If the Colt's offense is not playing well after the first few games, the discussion here will not be "What's wrong with Luck?"....It will be "What's wrong with the O-Line?" You've been warned!
  9. I'm more concerned with the O-line than Luck. Kelly has a hard time staying healthy. Glow was an above average player last year for the first time. Smith played well but is out of his natural position. The O-line was terrible against KC. The O line was terrible against Buff. The O-line has been sub-par in camp. There is now a half of a year film on the Colts starting 5 for defensive coordinators to break down and find the weaknesses.......(K/C had no trouble finding them). Even if the starting 5 over-achieve again this year, I see no quality depth behind them. If the Colts have a disappointing year, I believe it will be because the O-line play of last year may have been somewhat of a fluke, and it won't matter if Luck has one leg or two.
  10. I don't care who the back is. If you are getting tackled behind the line, it's a problem of the O-line.
  11. I liked the way the ball looked coming out of Kelly's hand.
  12. Hines had 6 carries for 1 yard. This is beyond bad. Do the Colts have no depth at all on the O-line? What are the chances that the 5 starters all play 16 games?
  13. O-line is the problem. Yes. But this is very troubling to me. Three of the starters did play? I assume. Hines had 6 carries for one yard. I don't care if it is the 1st pre-season game. And I don't care if Buf. has a good D-line. This is very concerning.
  14. He has a 9. something yards ave per punt return which is pretty average. But he is very good at protecting the ball. ..... In three years with the Colts he has touched the ball a total of 192 times and has not lost a fumble.
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