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  1. That Luck was not seeing open receivers is unthinkable. But not even one time? NO! not once! it cannot be! (even though the typical TV view of every play is not wide enough to show deep receivers that are not getting the ball thrown to them) We watch Brissett from the same restrictive angle. The camera follows the ball. Deeper receivers are out of the picture until the ball is in the air. But it is assumed they are open. Brissett is just too slow getting around to seeing them. By the way, Phillip Dorsett was fast too. ...Did Luck just not see him open deep?
  2. OK. In last years play-off game in KC, Luck had 39 pass attempts. His longest pass was 29 yards. He had two other passes that were 20 and 21 yards. 4.6 ave yards per pass play. 203 total yards. Do you think Luck was missing a-lot of open receivers downfield? Or do you think receivers were not getting separation?
  3. When you watch any decent QB play and he doesn't find an open target, do you assume that he is not seeing open receivers? Or do you assume no one is open?
  4. Not trying to start an argument. I'm only pointing out that you are essentially drawing a conclusion based on assumptions. 1) ........receivers are fast 2) ........QB makes few attempts 3).........the box is stacked So, Brissett must be missing open receivers downfield. I'm sure he misses some. But how many compared to other QBs? .... We don't really know.
  5. How many times so far this year has Brissett not seen open receivers downfield? Or, about, on average per game, how many does he miss? We know that even good QBs miss seeing open receivers. How does Brissett's misses compare to what a good QB is allowed to miss?
  6. No. The Dallas game was one example for the poster I was speaking to, who had said, that he didn't remember any game last year where the Colts running attack was as prolific and dominant as this year. So I gave him one example. Mack's 4.7 ave was all of 2018 compared to so far in 2019 at the very same 4.7 ave.
  7. And you have not even one above average WR? no TY (and no one like him... Not one above average TE (no Doyle or Ebron)........no Marlin Mack (he's above average).....No above average Corner backs.......No above average interior DL.......you got yourself a bad team.
  8. I respectfully disagree. You are going nowhere with 46 replacement players, no matter how great or what positions the top seven are playing.
  9. In my opinion, no matter what 7 you pick, you will have a below average team. A good team needs some great players, and some average players (by default), but mostly good players who are between great and average. This notion that you have "elite", or "average" is actually, in my opinion, what fueled the debate last year about Mack, and this year about Brissett. A good example is Sheard. He is not great, but he's not average either. He is good, and along with other good players, is very important to the Colt defense. The Colts of 95 had many good players on both sides of the ball. That's how they came so close to the SB. But how many names do we remember? The Manning era Colts had many good players throughout those years.
  10. Then you didn't see the Dallas game. Luck had 200 yards no TD. Complete domination on the ground. Mack averaged 4.7 yards per carry last year. Mack is averaging 4.7 yards per carry this year.
  11. That includes the first 3rd of the season before the current 5 were assembled. Look at the Dallas game last year. They dominated on the ground. Luck had about 200 yards passing and 0 TDs. .... Mack averaged 4.7 yds per carry last year. Mack is averaging 4.7 yds per carry this year. Exactly the same run blocking production last year and this year.
  12. Take away any QBs two longest completions in a game and the stats will look much less impressive.
  13. Yes. It was the first Texan's game of 2017. Gore/ Mack averaged 3 yards per carry on the ground. No TDs. Brissett won the game with his arm: 20/30 308 yards 2TDs 0 INTs .
  14. The Colt's offense has the fewest penalty yards. That speaks to Brissett's command of the offense. Not just any Scott Tolzien or Curtis Painter would have the Colts 3-2. Some judge Brissett as if he has Wayne on the left, Harrison on the right, Brandon Stokely in the slot, and Dallas Clark at tight end. But what he has is TY doubled, #2 receiver out injured, two first year receivers still in diapers, "Lumber" Jack Doyle who is no Dallas Clark, and Ebron who drops too many (he holds on to the TD in LA and the Colts are 4-1.)
  15. How are they better than last year? (once the 5 were assembled) Same players playing at the same high level.
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