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  1. At least that's better than 10 days before the season opener.
  2. That's why I posted after Sundays loss that the "dreaded game manager" won the game. Tannahil had 180 yds but no INTs. Anyway, Brissett's two INTs were so bad, it's going to take a lot of good play from him for me to forget those two throws.
  3. I am with you on that....but the last two weeks was not about those things. It was about missing wide open receivers and not protecting the ball. The two things I thought were his strengths. I've not completely given up on him. We'll see how he does the last four games.
  4. Where have you been for the last two weeks? Even the most staunch supporters of Brissett (like myself) have been disillusioned over the last two games with the season on the line. Until the Texans game I thought Brissett did a good job of throwing to open receivers and not taking chances. But in that game he missed so many wide open receivers that it was mind boggling to try and understand what in the heck was wrong with him. Last week against the Titans he destroyed the one thing he still had going for him, and that is not making foolish throws. The last two games Brissett has showed me that he is not mentally tough like I thought he was. He collapsed under pressure and cost the Colts the season. I don't know anyone who defends him now.
  5. I like it that Kelly has a strong and accurate arm. Broke the guy's nose with one punch.
  6. The Colts have always had a top-notch kicker. Hopefully next year they will have one.
  7. The first blocked kick was so low it didn't look like it was going anywhere. I could be wrong, but I think that was on AV.
  8. I can't stand to see him come on the field in a close game.
  9. and look who won the game.. The dreaded "game manager" ! Titans had 180 yds passing and ran the ball for 160. Brissett stepped out of his element and hit the magical 300+ yds!..... oh, and 2 INTs Season over.
  10. Hate to say it but I don't think the Colts should be dependent on Hilton going into next year. He was gimpy toward the end of last year, and has missed so much time this year, and he's older. How ironic it is when the Colts finally get a running game established, the wheels fall off the passing game. The Colts need WRs that can get open, and a QB who can find the open receiver, and when he sees the open receiver THROW THE BALL!
  11. Never thought of that but maybe you're right.
  12. What's with all these hand injuries? Whatever happened to the good old days of lacerated kidneys and broken ribs?
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