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  1. Exactly my point. He had 8 yards on 8 carries, which makes those who predicted him to run all over our defense.....*.
  2. Yeah, it would be *ic, because you would have been off by 150 yards and 2 tds.....lol
  3. If he had 8 carries for 80 yards and 2 td's, i'm sure they would have yanked him right out. Why can't people just own up to their *ic predictions? I mean, its right there in black and white.
  4. It takes a certain level of intelligence to not know that neither Richardson, nor anyone he plays with or against, are 100% healthy. A very low one. You don't know how healthy anyone is, neither do I. What we do know is this: he had 8 carries for 8 yards. Many people, including you, predicted a huge day for Richardson. You now look foolish in your prediction. Deal with it.....don't blame me.
  5. Yeah.....nobody who plays in the NFL is 100% healthy. Some are 80%, some are 60%. I don't know what Richardson's % was, but he played in the game, and he got shut down.
  6. Because he was completely ineffective.....averaging 1.0 yards per carry. He played in the game, so that means he was healthy.
  7. Good call......he had 8 rushing yards.
  8. Apparantly you weren't watching very close. Redding has long been one of the better 3-4 DE's in the NFL. Nothing average about him whatsoever.
  9. They aren't awful. They were giving the Texans all they could handle: even after Locker got hurt and a cold Hasselbeck had to come in......Chris Johnson was eating Houston alive up the gut, up until the time where Houston fell butt-backwards into a pick 6 that changed the entire complexion of the game. Tenn basically gave up right after that. Now that they have time to prepare for a game knowing that Hasselbeck is their starter, they will be a tough out.
  10. He's not a Jerry Hughes fan, persay. Unlike the Hughes bashers in this thread who probably haven't even taken any time whatsoever to actually watch Jerry Hughes play, Gavin is just utilizing a novel concept of looking at the situation objectively, and using tangible statistics to back up his assertion.
  11. They haven't had a winning season this year yet. In the entire history of their franchise, they've had one good season......and that one was handed to them on a silver platter by a) them having the second easiest schedule in the entire NFL and b) Peyton Manning being out for the season. Deep down they know this, thus the insecurity you find in nearly any Texan fan you come across.
  12. Why on earth would you have ever thought this?
  13. 1) True 2) True 3) True Tell this to a Texan fan, though. They would prefer to plug their ears and scream so they can't hear you, which in turn would make these weaknesses cease to exist.....lol
  14. Agreed. They are weak in the secondary, undersized & prone to being outphysicaled on the DL (see Chris Johnson gashing them for 140+ yards), weak on the right side of the OL, and have no depth whatsoever at WR. I am very confident that the following teams are superior to the Houston Texans: New England Baltimore Chicago Green Bay New York Giants San Francisco Atlanta
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