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  1. we dont need terrel thomas! we have jacob "third down cushion" lacey
  2. reading a thread bashing freeney and mathis...smh
  3. so freeney wont be hall of fame because he hasnt registered a sack in 4 games? dont worry about the previous decade of domination.
  4. knowing that the 10 points colts scored saved caldwell's job for another week because he is doing a good job with limited resources...sigh
  5. did anyone else see the graphic they showed during sundays game that said opposing offenses have completed 79 percent of their passes against the colts defense when running tampa 2? thats an alarming percentage!
  6. its so bad that when irsay asks easy questions on twitter for free tickets i dont even bother to answer
  7. definitely not. gonzo would be injured in practice and garcon would probably get injured in the first game. too risky. remember, without garcon painter has no touchdown passes. *except for the one to clark sunday*
  8. i root for lacey to do bad every week so he gets cut at the end of the year. linkenbach too. come to think of it i dont really have to root for it to happen, it just does.
  9. 2 qb sneaks on the goal line with a mix n match oline
  10. good choice...the game is a blow out anyway
  11. the difference is the colts have a qb that knows the playbook.
  12. he was replaced with caldwell and lefeged (thats all i really looked for) i was too mad about what was happening!
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