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  1. What I loved about JT today:


    He gets the tough yards after initial contact, could almost guarantee that the first defender to impact him was going backwards


    What I didnt like: Timing seems off with the O-Line, felt like he was hitting where the crease was drawn up to be, instead of having Mack's patience to allow the blocks to develop a bit more

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  2. Howdy Howdy! 


    Thanks to COVID wrecking the hotel/hospitality industry I am job hunting, which means I have more time on my hands. So, I shall use my GamePass and record The OLine into a quasi highlight/breakdown of scheme, featuring the entire game (Sans special teams). I am not confident in my voice overs in so far as breaking down what was going on but I believe it'd be interesting to attempt to see what worked and what didn't from the OLine's perspective. If theres interest, I'll keep it going as long as I have the GamePass!


    One thing Ive noticed by focusing most of my attention on Q: You're not beating him with power, and his technique is too good to get by with speed. You better bring both with great technique. Q does seem to get in trouble at time when he attempts to overpower vs allowing his technique to win the rep. And Im 99% certain the scouting report for San Diego said that Melvin's best move was a spin to the inside. Nelson was WAITING for that several times before finally popping him HARD in the 4th with the most disrespectful block the entire game. 


    Rendering Part 1 now of the first half, will add graphics and attempt to diagram the OLine basic blocking scheme

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  3. Good game by the Ravens, never been so underwhelmed by a winning team.


    They're going to get smoke-checked by the Broncos.


    My season in review: 

    Just damn proud. We had so many rookies on offense, the coaches trusted them and look where we made it in the end. Obviously to everyone the O-Line MUST be improved big time, aside from Castanzo. But with a rookie RB, two TEs, two WRs, and a QB playing, our skill positions are set for years to come. D Allen is a beast, TY can make plays like no other (needs to watch Harrison videos to learn how to protect himself), and Luck? Yeah... 

    Biggest question is going to be the fate of Freeney, and our DBs. Vaughn was WAY exposed, Freeney isnt a 3-4 OLB. We can probably pick up some good Oline this seasons FA, and even if they're mid-tier players, it'll be an upgrade. Powers: Do we re-sign him? I like Davis as our #2 CB, hes worth that 2nd rounder. But do we draft a CB to develop, or do we try FA to plug that? Also the safety postion needs upgraded over Zibs. Hes a good player, but not a starter. 


    Damn proud of this team and where they came from

  4. just cause the chiefs have a horrible record doesn't mean we were gonna cruise throwing passes left right and center i seem to remember the colts having a few good games last year


    Yes, we were competitive in a lot of games last year, with a few blowout exceptions. Biggest difference has been Luck; we're winning most of the games we have a shot at, unlike last year

  5. So... Luck throws a lot of accurate passes between 5-10 yards, and timely shots down the field. He called his own plays, he should get more clout over his playbook next year and change/add some things. 


    Stoopid rookies  :huthut:


    ( I despise the SEC and all the teams there. Any reasonable argument, fact, stat, etc will be met with derision and unjustifiable disdain, dont even try)

    Wish I woulda had Bob Lamey on the radio the same time as this game was being played... Holy Crap that woulda been awesome (back to topic)

  7. 1) Do you have any feelings towards the Baltimore Colts as far as the history, including Johnny Unitas or do you view the Baltimore Colts as a completely different team and share no connection?

    2) Is the rivalry with New England dead now that Manning is with the Broncos?

    3) Since the Baltimore Colts beat the Cowboys in a superbowl, do we have 2 superbowl wins or did that superbowl win not transfer over?

    4) How is the stadium experience, including the Colts store?

    1) Very Minimal connection to Unitas, same franchise but different teams

    2) heck NO

    3) Franchise has two. Indy Colts have 1, Baltimore Colts 1

    4) Love love love love love

  8. I was travelling back from Chicago: Both Bob and his co-host were expecting a throw on 3rd down to try and put the dagger in the coffin. A win is a win is a win, I'll take any we can get

  9. I believed 4-6 wins would be about right for this team.

    After week 1, I saw 5-6.

    Weeks 2-3, same.

    Then came my 3rd favorite win of all time as a Colts fan: Green Bay. (COMPLETELY ignoring the week after vs the Jets). Suddenly if we didnt win 7-9 games this year, I was going to be super disappointed.

    We beat the cheaters in NE this weekend, anything less than 11-5 is going to be disappointing.

    Who'da thunk it?

  10. Colts free agents for 2013:

    WR, Donnie Avery

    WR, Austin Collie

    LB, Moise Fokou

    LB, Dwight Freeney

    DL, Antonio Johnson

    DL, Fili Moala

    OL, Winston Justice

    OL, Jeff Linkenbach

    OL, Joe Reitz

    P, Pat McAfee

    RB, Mewelde Moore

    CB, Jerraud Powers

    CB, Cassius Vaughn

    QB, Drew Stanton


    Pat McAfee, J Powers, Avery, Fili Moala

    Let Go:

    Freeney (unless he's willing to take a pay cut), Collie (One of my favorites, but...)

    All others, depends on whats available and who we draft

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