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  1. Coming into the regular season I thought my biggest fear with Jacoby was his lack of touch. well, I was wrong there but what concerns me atm is his lack of anticipating recievers coming open. He will throw to the open man. I dont get a sense of him throwing a reciever open or throwing to a spot on a route, anticipating a WR making a cut. I think a team which plays a lot of man D will allow the rush to get home on him
  2. Counterpoint: The Colts currently lead the league in NOT allowing pressure within 3 seconds of the snap at 9.5ish%, with the next closest being something like in the 12second range. Our line is holding up just fine
  3. I think Jacoby lacks the anticipation that Luck had. Luck would "feel" the reciever coming open, Jacoby throws to the open guy.
  4. Colts vs Pats game last year: We're close til about midway through the 3rd, then its all Chiefs. We dont have the firepower to keep up with the health issues we have
  5. Yeah... no joke, Nelson is probably one of the top 5 NFL players overall this year so far. Donald is clear #1, then you got Mahomes, Mack, Quenton, then a handful of other players. Completely dominant.
  6. Brisket taste better than Ice. EZ Win dont @ me
  7. AMX theaters are broadcasting games: $10 cover. PM me if you want more specifics on how I watch (Cord Cut, and sometimes the local broadcast is terrible with my antenna)
  8. He gets the clips together and then records it on his phone, its his "thing" unless he's doing it for the NFL network
  9. I was stationed at Camp Pendelton for 4 years. Never trust the recorded temp. It may be 72 degrees where you have the nice, wonderful Pacific breeze. But it'll be 110 in the spot where the wind cant reach
  10. Correct. They were also abused up front in each of their losses. Yes they scored points, because Philip Friggin Rivers and Keenan Allen. But we have the secondary (holy cow thats weird...) now to match up and limit them from just running up and down the field. Their defensive strength is their ends, and we have two tackles capable of limiting their impact opportunities, and the strength on the interior line now to allow Obi Jacoby to step up on time. Its going to be close, just because of Philip and we're on the road. But theres no reason we can't score on them, and theres no reason we cant limit their opportunities taking shots.
  11. Legit on paper, they are that bad. They're missing their best player on the lie, Okung. Last year they surrendered pressure on 30.8% of all passes, gave up 32 sacks 4 of their current starters, per PFF, scored sub 62 on their scoring chart, and currently rates them 29th overall (They rate Colts #5) I expect a lot of VERY short passes with Rivers. I expect Autry, Huston, and Turay to FEAST. If I were the DC, I'd put Autry and Huston on the same side of the line
  12. @ Chargers: W - We're way more healthy @ Titans: W - We're still better Vs Falcons: L - They're dynamic Vs Raiders: W - Raiders. @ Chiefs: L - Chiefs Vs Texans: W - This team will collapse Vs Broncos: W - We're more talented, and this is when the Coaches best figure out Jacoby from here on out @ Steelers: Toss up - No Clue, but leaning 55-45 in favor Steelers Vs Dolphis: W - They're tanking for Tua Vs Jags: W - We split home/home Vs Titans: W - We're still better @ Bucs: W - They wont keep up @ Saints: L - They gud. Vs Panthers: L - Its the Odd year. Panthers will be better @ Jags: L - They're good at home vs us Tenative 9-6-1
  13. Its official: I dislike someone more in the NFL than the Patriots
  14. Luck, had he played out this contract and his next before retired, would have likely made 200+ million in his next contract. He has 2 years left on his current deal worth about 58mil. Luck is 28mil against the cap this year, idk about next. The Colts could attempt to recupe 12mil in signing bonus from Luck, but idk that they would. Hope they dont, after what Grigs did to Luck
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