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  1. Well if you surrounded them with the same type talent you had with Peyton then I would say the results would be the same or maybe worse. There are a lot of assumptions on this board lately such as Luck will be another PM and that the Titans suck and Peyton is going there to stick it to the Colts among other absurd remarks. Ever think that Peyton may have always quietly wondered what it could have been like to have been the QB for the team in the state that he loved and is loved and started his legacy? By the luck of the draw he went to Indy because they had first pick due to their pitiful reco
  2. Titans are not that far away from being a playoff team. They were one play away from it last year...a play that a QB like Manning makes. People forget that Chris Johnson was the top back in the NFL 2 years ago and they have quality receivers that with a QB as Manning they will only get better. He makes everybodys game look better. They are closer to being a SB contender right now than the Colts were when Peyton went there. It would be a great story...him coming back to where he is a legend and taking them to the promise land!!
  3. I was a Colt fan because of Peyton but looks like a soon to be Titan fan. Will make going to and seeing the games a lot easier and cheaper by not having to drive to Indy anymore. Thanks Irsay!
  4. That is laughable ! Kind of like the kettle calling the skillet black ,Peyton for the most part played all his Colt years with a less than stellar defense. Average at best.
  5. I find it kind of funny that some seem to try and deflect blame from Irsay by implying that Peyton is in some way being deceptive about his health and trying to fool people. Peyton is not that kind of guy. If he felt there was not a way he could be effective or play at the level needed to play then he would retire and walk away. He would not string these teams along. Irsay seen the writing on the wall and knew if he was going to start rebuilding for the future then now was the time. The injury gave him an out to save 28 million $$ and he took it. Purely a business move and I do not blame him.
  6. I am a Manning fan and proud of it. What some people seem to not understand is there are thousands of us who have followed him since his highschool days and through his college days at Tennessee and that is why we became fans of the Colts is because he went there and for no other reason. Heck probably half the state of Tennessee are Colts fans because of Peyton. Other than Peyton we had no other reason to be a Colts fan. They were a losing organization for years. Before Peyton I had never set foot in your beloved state or city. Since, I have made several trips to Indy for games and bought man
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