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  1. The Habs are going to give me a heart attack. If given the chance, I would also strangle the refs.

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    2. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      If you get a chance..watch the classics from years back when the Habs had their squad, and the Islanders had Trottier and Bossy..man were they some series..and also dont forget the Bruins of old either...all sports in genereal need to go back to the old days..and watch some of the all time greats...they would learn quite a lot.

    3. Andy


      and the Bruins had Orr and Esposito, and the Flyers had Clarke, Jets had Hull... Would have killed to see those days.

    4. MAC


      CF4L - of course back then those were the new days. The old days were Richard, Plante, Harvey, Geoffrion, etal whom older fans I'm sure would have considered even better than the 70s squads. But I'd take the 70's team in a nanosecond.

  2. Ahhhh, now to enjoy the bye week. Can't wait for the Pats matchup in 2 weeks!

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    2. backshoulderfade


      Can't wait for the Pat's game either. I don't know about enjoying the bye week though!

    3. BrentMc11


      Watch the snow showers this weekend Hirst :) If you live here.

    4. southwest1


      Snow already...I don't even wanna think about that just yet Brent. But, you are our resident forum meteorologist so I trust you weather wise. :)

  3. Couldn't be happier to see Canada beat USA in hockey yesterday! Sweden's going down tomorrow!

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    2. Andy


      10 gold medals in the winter olympics (more than the US). I'd say they've won a few sports.

    3. southwest1


      10 gold medals for Canada eh? Not bad Andy, not bad. I'm happy for your country. :) It's nice to see the US not dominate something for once actually.

    4. SilentHill


      Let's not forget the snowboarder from the US who applied for Russian citizenship so he could compete for Russia (And then he won two gold medals. The olympics are a sham and a waste of money, I wish they would just end them.

  4. Ouch, not a fun day. Told someone she's different in a good way, and they took it the wrong way. Made me feel like crap.

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    2. Gabriel Alexander Morillo
    3. Andy
    4. southwest1


      Don't beat yourself up ANDY. You're a good guy & I appreciate people who have the courage to say that someone is unconventional, fresh, & looks at things from a non traditional perspective. Your heart was in the right place. Don't sweat it man. That's her problem not yours. Peytonator I hear ya brother. Been there done that more times than I can remember. Just keep the sarcasm flowing my man. You're aces in my book buddy. :)

  5. Luck will show Brady who's the new king of the NFL on Saturday night.

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    2. AllYouNeedIsLuck


      king of the nfl is peyton right now

    3. ColtsBTM12


      The king of the NFL isn't crowned until Feb 2nd

    4. Andy


      You guys read too much into things. Brady is a great player, that was my point.

  6. I just can't believe that my flight was delayed by an hour and a half and is now coming in at 8:10. This is a freagin nightmare.

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    2. Andy


      Flight now*

    3. Andy


      Nothing seems to be available, so it looks like I'm missing the first half. Let's hope there are no more delays.

    4. Gramz


      Well that just stinks.. This is the main reason I travel the day before the game (when I can)

  7. Will work on a deal with the pilot for him to give me updates in the 1st half. Stupid Air Canada.

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    2. Andy


      Appreciate the concern! It's not pretty in that area.

    3. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      I know what you mean my friend..just concerned..esp with the way travel has been lately in all aspects....

    4. Andy


      Now it's been delayed to 7:55 and only get in at 11:20. Looks like I'm missing the game today.

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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    2. chad72


      Same to you, Andy

    3. Nadine


      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

    4. shecolt


      Merry Christmas, Andy, and thank you for doing the prediction contest again this year.

  9. Let's get back on track and kill the Titans.

    1. southwest1


      I would be more than happy to steamroll over Tennessee Andy.

    2. ColtsBTM12



    3. MIColtsFan
  10. No one is giving the Colts a chance tomorrow... if you have Andrew Luck, you ALWAYS have a chance.

    1. ColtsBTM12


      That's something ive been thinking to myself all week

    2. Nadine
  11. Let's make Lynch choke on those skittles tomorrow...

  12. Usually I come up with a cheesy fight sentence for the game, but tonight I can't think of anything for a Charger. Let's zap em? Let's supercharge em? Make them black and blue? Let's just beat the heck out of them.

    1. Nadine


      Jolt the Bolts!

    2. southwest1


      Given them the "Powder Blues"? Best I could come up with Andy on short notice.

  13. Time to send the Dolphins back out to sea...

    1. SolomonThomasFanAccount


      time to make dolphins into tuna

  14. Let's show the Chiefs who's boss, and move "On to the Next One"!

    1. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      We're going to show the Chiefs Bruce Springsteen?..I thought he was the boss...j/k

  15. Let's go hunt some tigers!

    1. ColtsBTM12



  16. Flight Update: Paid a lot of money, but it was worth it. Changed my flight to tomorrow at 2:15 to see the Colts game (as well as other things, but the Colts are the most important for my fandom and my job). Give me a win please.

    1. HungarianColtsFan


      Great! I guess You'll stick to the TV

  17. FACT: Colts are faster than Broncos. Therefore, the Colts will win tonight.

  18. So the Habs are officially out. Hurts badly...

  19. Much deserved bye week! Come back stronger next week!

  20. Let's take the Jaguars out of their misery...

  21. thanks for the wish!

  22. Hey Barry, Haven't seen you around the forums too much lately, everything ok at home? How's your mom doing? God bless, Andy

  23. Let's send these Rams baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack home! #CheesyFightLineOfTheWeek

  24. Happy Birthday Barry, have a good one!

  25. The legend continues tomorrow...

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