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  1. The Habs are going to give me a heart attack. If given the chance, I would also strangle the refs.

    1. MAC


      I haven't been able to watch the games, but the results are as surprisingly bad as the bulk of the season was surprisingly good. Disturbing.

    2. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      When I was 10, my Mom got me a Guy LaFleur hockey game..I ermemeber watching the greatest team in Hockey for many years..those Montreal Cnadiens..That starting team of La Fleur, Lemaire, and Chutt, with LaPointe and Robinson, with Dryden in goalie were unstoppable..and to think..look at all the head coaches just from that starting lineup...i'll always have a soft spot for Les Habitants..though I'm not much of a hockey fan anymore..

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