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  1. Ummm Wayne is widely regarded in the top 25-30 recievers of all time. I'm sorry but anyone who says he's an average WR has either never played the game or really sucked at it if they did. Now on the other hand comparing him to Harrison is just plain dumb. Now you're talking about the the #3 Receiver of all time behind Moss and Rice.
  2. My 9 year old woudn't even come out of his room that night. He asked if he goes to the NFL with they just throw him away too? Way to go JIM!
  3. I usually just read but thought this warranted posting. I agree with most of what Zebra is saying. Don't give me the I'm just a Peyton fan garbage cause I've been here since Trudeau and the first Jersey i ever bought was Harbaugh. My only problem with this opinion is it kinda baffles me that anyone thought that Jim Irsay was loyal,respectful,honorable or anything remotely close. The Irsay's have and always will be corporate scum. Look at the track record, wrapped the team up in the middle of the night like a bunch of theives. Then look at the players they've steamrolled, Unitas,Harbaugh,Faulk,
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