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  1. How many MVP's did Miller and White have?
  2. MVP in 2011 and 2014 as well. Farve (3)/Brady (3)/Manning (5) are the only players to win in more than twice. Pretty elite company and a player like that should be treated a lot better then the GB front office and actually value his input.
  3. How you figure. Everything he said at the press conference was true. What other team would ask a reigning MVP to be basically a transition QB while they develop Love. Now it sounds like he has the ability to leave after the season and play where he chooses instead. Most likely Adams will follow. Think this speaks volumes of GB and their "culture". Rodgers toss out a lot of names that GB should of kept but let walk. Glad Ballard and our front office paid a guy like Smith today instead of either low balling or letting him walk. Pay and develop your guys first and then sprinkle in an impact FA or two when you really feel like you have a shot.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/Packers/videos/550456789325152/ Here is the link to his press conference. Basically a pipe bomb tossed at the Packers front office brass.
  5. Not sure why teams don't use the transition tag as much. In the case of Fisher it would make way more sense. Would save us around 1.5m.
  6. Look at the bright side. Fisher actually plays the position we're paying him for. Could of been in a situation where we need to convert a 33 year old QB/Baseball Player to TE.....
  7. Feel like it comes down to comp picks. The guys real good FA's we have will resign. The others go out to the market and see what their value is fairly quickly. Also gives us a lot of flexibility going from year to year with good cap management. Look at how many teams are having to cut guys just so they can get under the cap.
  8. Like the signing. Playing next to Big Q he won't be required to do as much as he had to with KC.
  9. Don't think DJ is that off on a lot of these guys. Might be a few lower then what i would have but i can defiantly respect it. The big ones that jumped off the page to me was Cosmi at 61, Leatherwood at 62 and Little at 76. Teams in this draft are really going to have to put in the work in the scouting department this year. Lots of strange numbers from pro days coming from hand timed vs electronic timed we would see at the combine. Seems like everybody was running their 40's in the 4.3's this year. Also lots of incomplete information. For me it was like agents were telling guys not to do specific drills at their pro days just so they don't "taint" their draft status. Raises a big red flag to me. We're really doing see what teams put in the work and have their scouts getting the good information. The With The First Pick series leads me to believe that we have those people in place and not just a bunch of good editing making things look a lot rosier then it really is.
  10. If Smith is sitting at 21 you don't make that trade. Guy is Marvin Harrison 2.0. You make the pick and enjoy the spoils for the next 10+ years.
  11. Paye has a lot of traits that seem like we value. Would like to think that we have him high on our board and if he is sitting at pick 21 we pull the trigger.
  12. Ballard will stick to his board and pick the BPA based on that board. If guys are valued equally their may be a conversation about taking a guy based on need but doubt he will ever reach for a player based on a perceived "need". If the domino's don't fall and we can't address the LT spot in the draft chances are he will look at a guy like Fisher and bring him in for a year. Same goes for the Edge. We have Lewis/Turay and honestly believe that Ballard is excited about what they can do with more snaps. He could also still look at Houston as a 1 year bridge as a rotational player as well. Ballard's contacts he gives out leaves us with a lot of future flexibility. Seeing that our SB window isn't even open that's a good thing. I'm 100% confident that we will exit this draft better off then we are today. Ballard will find us difference makers that will help us this year and the future.
  13. He's one of those guys that you have to find a way to use properly. To me he's like Isaiah Simmons. One of these hybrids that teams like pick. If you treat him like a in the box safety I think he may be fine. Verdict is still out on Simmons. Not sure if the Cards know how to use him right. Really hope they do and he can build on a fairly pedestrian rookie season.
  14. I feel like because of my high opinion of Chase, Smith and Waddle i almost feel like there isn't a whole lot of WR's I like after that. I kind of like Toney, Marshall and Collins. Not really that high on Bateman like everybody else is. Also feel like both Moore's seem like gadget guys to me. Feel like its top heavy this year and a lot of meh after that.
  15. Brought up the 5th year option up in a post a few days ago. I feel like the standard trade chart everybody bases their "value" on doesn't take this into account. Based on the standard chart the difference between the last pick in the 1st and the first pick in the 2nd is only 10 points. Having that 5th year option is worth way more then that.
  16. I like his film but I can't get past that this smiling kid is as nasty as they say.
  17. Wouldn't call OT a need for the Ravens. Pretty sure they have Villanueva all but locked up.
  18. They should be booking McAfee for every pick in my opinion. Pretty big shoes for Bethea to fill from what Pat did/said in Nashville.
  19. If we go DE in round 2 I would be happy with Turner. Tryon also has me intrigued. Has the size I think Ballard likes and looks like he has a great burst. Not sure if him opting out will translate to a slow start to his NFL career.
  20. This is Ballard we're talking about... 1st time we will be hearing someone making our pick will be Friday night.
  21. This is the one I'm hoping for. Think we would get a great haul of players in this draft. My biggest question about trading out of the 1st round is how much do teams value that 5th year team option. If you look at the trade chart the difference between the last pick in the 1st and the first pick in the 2nd is only 10 points. Knowing you have the ability to keep a player for an extra year if you can't work out a contract extension is huge. Look at Big Q. We can get him for that 5th year for only $13.75m. Give teams a lot of flexibility to get their contacts under control. A guy like Leonard we have to figure it out way quicker and either have to tag him or break the bank with an extension.
  22. Doubt we ever trade the Jags but happy with the results.
  23. Depth at OT is much better then Edge. If we could get Paye or Phillips in the 1st round and grab a OT in the 2nd I would be ecstatic. Still should have one of Eichenberg, Radunz or Little at pick 54. Any of these 3 in the 2nd I would be happy with. If we go the other way around I'm really not sure what Edge player we could target in the 2nd (maybe Ossai, Basham or possibly Tyron). Don't get me wrong if Slater or Darrisaw is sitting at the 21st pick I'm pulling the trigger. Would look at Cosmi in a trade down situation.
  24. I was exited about this draft. PFF not so much. Quality over quantity with this one.
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