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  1. The only thing I can say is everyone should have seen this coming, look how Irsay and his lackeys did Harrison. Then Freeney and Manning, at least Manning got a press conference for the farewell. Two of my friends told me there is no loyalty in professional sports and all it is about is the money. Didn't use to be that way when I was young I thought. This time, however, they put a dagger in my heart by treating a Loyal player they way they have. I have 2 friends that stopped following football after the Manning incident, but I stood fast and told them that it was a mutual thing and just to get
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    I agree, I am so bummed about Peyton leaving the Colts... I will never watch football again... it was all about the money, there is truely no loyalty in the NFL... and the agents caused it all with their negotiations... I'm done...
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