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  1. Definitely a lot of truth here. I'm not mad about the player, I'm mad they decided to go with that position in general. I don't want to pretend to know much about evaluating DTs, but when the patriots get Malcom Brown (who was rated a top 15 player by many) 3 picks later, it does hurt a little bit....
  2. You may be right, but I just don't get how you can dismiss the option after seeing what he is still capable when healthy....
  3. I know there has been a topic of him at some point, but I could not find the post. Pending a first or second round RB selection in the draft, I don't see any reason not to bring Bradshaw back....I would take 8 healthy games from him over 16 games from some of the other RB roster options....He obviously doesn't have to be a work horse for us, but the Cotls were just plain a better team with him on the field last year... Thoughts?
  4. Combined with two for sure QB first round picks, 2 probable RB first round picks, and potentially up to 7 first round WRs taken, there could be quite a bit of talent falling to picks 20-32! I know this isn't new news, but I thought it was noteworthy going into tomorrow.
  5. Exactly, I think the smarter play would be to find a way to get Coleman in the second round. I'm a Hoosier, so I'm a little biased I'm sure, but at the same time I got to watch this guy up close and personal. He was IU's only weapon, facing stacked boxes nearly every down, playing hurt half the season. The guy is a playmaker.
  6. I know it doesn't answer the question as stated, but I wouldn't be dissapointed if the colts traded out of the first round, locking up an extra 2nd round pick. I do really like Randall. He is a ball hawk, but idk if the value is there at 29. However, I trust Grigson. If thats your guy, go get him.
  7. This is what I'm thinking....for the right price....he is such an asset when healthy....so if you can use him sparingly during the regular season and then unleash him in the playoffs that would be amazing. In a perfect world....
  8. Not hearing much about him. Any room for him? Man is he good when he's healthy.
  9. Not one single TD reception....this dude is done.... Lets not get another guy that gets zero separation.... Would rather have Nicks then anyone mentioned here....
  10. the lions don't even want him....red flag....lets not ignore it like we did with trent....
  11. Players past their prime naturally aren't going to make a different on a horrible team. But a team that already is one (big) game away from the super bowl and that has a lot of young counterparts can serve very well from bringing in reliable ex-super stars that know how to win and do theys the right way.
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