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  1. I think in round two the Colts need to draft a tight end. They're pretty solid on defensive backs. My lineup: LT - Castanzo LG - Ijalana/ Tepper (Give Mike a chance?) C - Satale RG - Reitz RT - Justice With Joe's height, he should even out the Line by playing on the right side (my opinion).
  2. Quinn went to the Chiefs, Hill stayed a Lion.. what about Vince Young? Isn't he a free agent? Tarvaris Jackson if he gets cut.
  3. Anthony Castonzo; he seems like he'll be a great left tackle in the coming years.
  4. Hey, if Tim Tebow got a statue for doing what he did at Florida, then Peyton Manning deserves to have one for what he's done for Indianapolis.
  5. Matt Flynn is going to be Kevin Kolb 2.0 That being said, Dan Orlovsky should be given a chance to be a back up. What about Chad Henne? Dolphins are saying they aren't going to resign him. Jake Delhomme and Jeff Garcia (baring his age) could also be possible candidates.
  6. Didn't Peyton already say he's willing to restructure his contract earlier this month? I could've sworn I saw something on the NFL Network.
  7. Detroit! It would be cool for their first Super Bowl to be close to their hometown, and the fans would enjoy it a lot. And then from the AFC I wouldn't mind seeing Baltimore.
  8. Peyton threw for 4,700 yards in 2010. I always said if he could've had another game then he would have broken the record.
  9. The only reason he was even remotely good at coaching was all because of Peyton. Without Jim's scapegoat, he's just some guy wearing a headset.
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing Manning and Saturday coaching a team's offense.
  11. I've always believed in Curtis Painter, and it's about time they start him.
  12. I've been a Colts fan since about 2005, all thanks to my Dad. And the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is how you can manage to pull twenty-eight points out of nowhere to make a comeback to win a game. You are a machine, Peyton. You're the smartest man in the NFL, and every player needs to look up to you for support and how to manage a game. Get well Peyton. No matter how rough this season is, I'll remain a die-hard Colts fan, and I'll always be a Peyton Manning fan. - Alex
  13. I like your team, but don't stack it with a bunch of players from one team. It'll slow down your points after a few games.
  14. I'm happy to see Justin Snow is finally in a Madden game. He's been on the Colts his entire eleven year career.
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