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  1. Definitely leaning towards John Brown. Any WR that Arians likes is one I like. He’s been productive with QBs that can throw. I think he’d be just what we need opposite TY and could see an Ebron type resurgence if he came here. Also keeping Inman. Between he, Pascal, Marcus Johnson, Cain, Fountain, and a likely draft pick, someone is gonna stick and some of the other ones can be stashed on PS.
  2. I’d be against it. For an average LB I think he gets a contract he never comes close to living up to...think Anthony Hitchens last year.
  3. Desir’s career has mirrored Rashaan Melvin’s much more than Kyle Fuller’s. He’s been a journeyman, fourth round pick (Melvin was undrafted), had one good year on his fourth team, and is the same age as Melvin was last year going into free agency. Kyle Fuller was a first round draft pick who has played well since his rookie year, just had one year where he was hurt in the preseason and went to IR. Desir won’t come close to Fuller. He’ll be offered a shade more than Melvin. He can either pull a Melvin and have an inflated sense of his own ability, go to some crappy team like the Jet
  4. I would be so down for Grady Jarrett even at 15M per year. I think he’ll actually get more, probably just above Geno Atkins and Kawaan Short, so around 16.5M. As long as it’s structured right so we aren’t guaranteeing a ridiculous amount and get stuck with him for the entire contract if he underperforms or gets hurt. I don’t worry about that with Ballard though, they’ve done a great job at that so far. I do believe he’d be worth it. He’s right on par with the second tier DTs that are just below Aaron Donald. As as far as the other two, I like the thought process but I’d go with di
  5. I find it funny how people compare GMs to others and say how 'they do it the right way' and things like that. ALL GMs say 'we're going to build through the draft', 'we want to develop our own', etc....Even Grigson said the same things. I don't think I've ever heard a GM come in somewhere and say, 'Obviously we want to build through free agency and use the draft to fill needs. We want to pay B free agents A money.' Grigson went after too many old free agents after the roster was established and he thought they'd get us over the top. He had a lot of misses through his tenure in all facets but hi
  6. Inclement weather is our deep safety tonight.
  7. 1. First things first, we gotta re-sign our own. Glowinski, Inman, Hunt, and Desir are our most valuable free agents, and none of them will break the bank. Glowinski fills out our line, Inman is a real viable #2 WR that Luck likes, Hunt has balled out at times and tired out at others from a pretty high snap count, and Desir has quietly been our best corner. I would also try to keep either Mike Mitchell, Clayton Geathers, or both. Geathers has always been solid if not great when he can stay healthy and I don’t think Mitchell’s veteran presence can be understated. Also offer RFA tenders to the d
  8. In the wintery tundra of Kansas City, I’m picking whichever team has more Estonian giants on their defensive line. Not sure which team that might be but it seems like a smart bet.
  9. Am I the only one who prefers Turay over Lewis if I had to pick one? It seems like Turay got in the coach’s doghouse or something with his lack of snaps but I thought he looked good. I’d rather have him against Patty Mayonnaise this weekend for his pass rush ability.
  10. It’s a good thing when your deep safety doesn’t have a ton of tackles.
  11. Fair enough Idk why but my laptop doesn't let me upload anything bigger on here. I didn't do it justice, it belongs in a museum.
  12. If by 'not a great picture' you mean 'God incarnate' then yes.... Just something from an old SI or something when he played in Buffalo. It gets passed around the Colts subreddit the way Manning Face did.
  13. It's pretty much all about this man right here. New Sheriff in town boys.
  14. The FA edge class is as good as I've seen it in years. This is the offseason to grab one. Obviously they won't all hit free agency, but if even it's like 25%, Ballard should be able to get one unless he wants to go super moneyball. I know, I know, we want to build our own, let's do that and also take someone else's while we can. Clowney, Ford, Graham, Flowers, Lawrence, Clark....one of those guys is going to be available and we can afford him. I also wouldn't be opposed to signing Suh for a one year mercenary deal next year.
  15. FTR I was all on board for the Q Express, but back in 2016 a lot of people wanted and were happy that Grigson drafted Kelly in the first, but I was and still am lukewarm about him because I didn't like the value of drafting a center in the first round. At the time I wanted either Chris Jones or William Jackson III. I think most people would have disagreed had we went Jones and even now they'd still probably say 'But we have our franchise center! He handles the ball every snap!' Can't say I agree with you on Q, he's just a monster, but I'm with you 100% on maximizing your value on your first ro
  16. I'm concerned that if we get in a shootout (highly likely), Luck will make one of his bonehead gunslinger throws like the pick six against the Titans. That's the one thing about him that I wish he could improve but I think it's just his nature, he'll play like the GOAT for 95% of his throws and then he'll take one that makes you question if Nathan Peterman is wearing a Luck suit. I think this game goes a LOT like the Chiefs/Rams game; lots of offense but there will be a couple turnovers from both teams. If we win the turnover battle, I think we win.
  17. You can control the clock if you grind out long drives. I’m normally an ‘air it out’ type, but Saturday I want to see the Indianapolis House of Pancakes serving up double stacks all night in the run game. Run it down their throats all night. It’s the smart thing to do because it gives the defense time to catch their breath, and they’ll need to against this high flying Chiefs offense.
  18. I really hope Eberflus just mixes up our coverages a lot. As it’s been said, Mahomes can pick apart the Cover 2 all day, especially with time in the pocket. I’m hoping to see a little more man coverage this weekend with a single high Hooker. Have Kenny Moore cover Hill, fits him best out of all the guys. I’d put Wilson in at Safety to cover Kelce every now and then in man. Desir and whoever else we roll out can get their other two guys. I’d also caution against throwing too many blitzes at him. He’s great at making uncomfortable throws. I’d seriously bring three man rushes on like
  19. For real....think about it, we might end up getting the dreaded 32 draft pick, what good does that do when we already have the Jets’ 34? Freakin bust of a season if I ever saw one.
  20. Wish we could have nabbed Swearinger a couple weeks ago. Not sure if he ever cleared waivers though so it might be moot. Our Safety position is definitely concerning now. I think Quincy plays some snaps there this week. He was playing there a few weeks ago but it looked like they were sliding him over to RCB exclusively lately.
  21. Good video. Nyheim has a good TV personality. He was probably my most lukewarm draft pick feom this year and after his preseason drops/fumbles I was worried I’d be right. He’s picked it up all year though and has made some pretty good plays for us, plus like he said, he’s cheap right now.
  22. Houston and Ford against Smith is the money matchup when we're on offense in my opinion. As great as Braden has been, he's seemed to struggle against the speedy edge rushers; Cameron Wake for instance. He was great against Watt but these types give him trouble. I think Q/Kelly/Glow can handle their interior rush, and they aren't a big blitzing team, so I'm hoping they use some TE/RB help over there on the right side.
  23. Bad defense, MVP front runner QB with Star Wars numbers, conservative coach with a known tendency for going one and done, going against a hot team playing with house money.....we’ve all seen this movie countless times. I really like our chances this weekend against a young QB who wasn’t able to prove himself against the better teams this year.
  24. Someone get that kid in a film room with Mike Mitchell now!
  25. I’d say about 2009, week 15, just after beating the Jags on Monday night and getting to 14-0. Last time I’ve been so optimistic about Colts football. Even then though, you knew it’d be short lived with everyone getting older. Now is different, we haven’t even begun to peak.
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