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  1. Alright first of all, the art of GMing is not an exact science. Bill Polian was lucky to get Peyton Manning in 98. Peyton Manning has bailed our bad team out of losing records his entire career. He is the one and only reason Bill has survived all this time, and it has come out that Bill was kinda leaning towards drafting Ryan Leaf. Good thing he had the stroke of genius to go with Manning instead. GMing is something where even if you just go with Mel Kiper's board, you're still bound to hit on some players. You'll also miss on some players. I could do a day's worth of research on the entire dr
  2. Allow me to explain what Waylon was referring to. You and dn4192 are both pretty bad posters, and you both came up around the same time. Polian does not deserve a second chance you know why? Because he's had years of second chances to build an even respectable team around Peyton. He has not. Now that our quarterback is down, we're 0-7 and our defense gave up the most points in a game since 1988. A GM that builds that defense should be gone, especially one who has as much power as he does. So much power that he gives his kids jobs in the front office.
  3. It's not because of lack of push from the DTs, it's because of lack of coverage ability by our DBs and LBs. When the QB drops back and throws less than two seconds after the snap for easy completions, it makes it physically impossible to get pressure from DEs or DTs. A defensive line of The Flash, The Incredible Hulk, The Thing, and Superman would have a hard time getting pressure with our DBs.
  4. Royal would definitely be a good replacement for Wayne. He's young, has a ton of speed, and is a really good route runner. He might not be expensive since his numbers aren't earth-shattering, who's numbers would be in Denver? Having him out left, Garcon out right, and Collie in the slot would be a deadly combo. People put waaaaay too much stock in somebody's height. How tall is the league leader? Oh that's right 5'9".....Wes Welker.
  5. Beast. His manhandling of Jeff Linkenbach was a spectacle last year. To know he drives a hello kitty car should make Link feel even worse.
  6. Hahahahaha Truer words have yet to be spoken. God some fans are a fickle bunch.
  7. Some of you guys are too scared of Hillis. These are the kinds of teams we actually can stop the run against. Our D will have a good day provided that they can stop the dink and dunk. Even the worst qbs can dink and dunk us, but once they get in the red zone they can't punch it in and resort to a field goal. They will get a lot of field goals, a couple turnovers, and a few punts. They'll be lucky to get 15 points against us. The offense just needs to score a couple touchdowns and I think we win in a low scoring game.
  8. How does New England lose next week and finish out the season undefeated? Nice call Nostradamus lol.
  9. We should just put Addai in at qb and run a lot of wildcat. Hey we'd gain an extra blocker and it would catch Cleveland off guard. Maybe we'd pull off a 'W'. I doubt it but hey.
  10. Peyton doesn't fumble period. He gets a little pick happy once in a while, but he doesn't fumble a snap from Jeff Saturday inside the 20. He also has a lot better pocket awareness than Kerry Friggin Collins. Curtis Painter's grandma has more pocket awareness than he showed today. Collins has only been successful when he has a massive line to protect him, and a solid running game to take pressure off him. I don't care that he's never had the so-called 'weapons' he has here. The only viable 'weapon' we have is Reggie Wayne. Peyton makes the other guys look a lot better than they are.
  11. Okay....I've got a problem with some of you calling out the front office on the DT issue and our inability to stop the run. 1. The needs were addressed. Anderson has not been known for his ability to rush the passer, but he has been known for being strong against the run. Brayton, while slightly less so, is in much the same boat. Both were first round picks, not that that has anything to do with it. Nevis, a guy we have all loved, and who people have been touting as the second coming of Sapp, was drafted in the third. We kept the fan favorite Mookie and got rid of the fan whipping boy Muir. Pl
  12. The only thing I disagree with is us losing with 18 in there. You are correct...Peyton would not have fumbled two times to give them the ball in the redzone. The oline, while still isn't anything to be proud of, I thought was improved from last year. Peyton has such a tremendous pocket awareness and internal clock that he would have made all the difference. The running game even looked a little better. There was some life to it. With Big P we would have found a way to win this one. Look at it this way...after the Bullit pick, Peyton could probably scores a quick touchdown and we're up 7-0. In
  13. Guy is tough to bring down. Every time he touches the ball he gains at least 6 or 7 yards after the catch. The only question marks are his health and character issues. We don't like to take guys with questionable character, but I could see us making an exception here if Polian likes him. He kinda reminds me of Calvin Johnson...and I would love to have Calvin Johnson on our team.
  14. Meh. It's just Peyton Manning. If anyone's a system quarterback it's that guy. Look at all the weapons he has. Two first round running backs...how many quarterbacks can say they have that? Give Kerry Collins the keys to a ferrari and I bet he pulls off 12 wins and a division title. Maybe we'll actually win a playoff game with that megabeast under center. I mean, that guy beat out Vince "Dream Team" Young a couple years ago. I wish I could change my user name to Kerry Collins > Peyton Manning. That Manning guy's just a bum with a gargantuan head. No wonder his neck is bothering him. If I ha
  15. Nevis Island!!! The corners. I cannot for the life of me figure out why Lacey is starting over both Tryon and Thomas. I would feel a lot better about our CBs if the depth chart listed them as Powers, Tryon, Thomas, then Lacey. Sims will be starting early this season. He's only had one game to get his feet wet in our scheme, and to me he looked like a baller. Once he gets little more comfortable he will be light years ahead of Conner. ....and obviously the oline. That Linkencock guy...he's pretty good. If you like 6'5, 300 lb tackles who are physically lifted into the air by the defender and t
  16. It's time for a change....at the defensive back's coaching position. I was hoping to hear about that guy getting fired this offseason, but instead they get rid of Gene Huey, the guy who coached Edge. If there's one thing that everyone seems to be in unanimous agreement about, it's the stupidity that is giving up easy 7 yard slants on 3rd and 5. I understand that every kind of defense is going to have its flaws, but ours doesn't need to be that. I like most of our players. Powers and Tryon can both jam the WR at the line and run with anyone. If Tim Jennings can go to the Bears and be a starter,
  17. Our SAM linebacker is Angerer than yours. That's all I had.
  18. It would be awesome to see us come out in a 3-4 once in a while next year. The opponents mind would be f***ed. Moala, Mookie/Nevis, and Freeney on the front, with Conner, Brackett, Angerer, and Mathis/Hughes/or Chick would be amazing. We did run a little 3-4 a couple years ago with Brock as a standup lineman, but it was pretty obvious he wasn't going to be dropping into a zone so it was moot. We should use some different defensive packages to confuse the offense. heck, if Green Bay can drop BJ Raji into coverage and he have a pick six, I don't see why we can't have Mathis play some zone.
  19. Nevis Island!!! Guy's gonna be a baller. Defensive Rookie of the Year!!!
  20. You know...the Pats bringing in all these old, washed up, has beens, is really starting to become a joke. It's almost like BB is thinking, "hmmmm, how can I outsmart everyone else in the league?" I am really liking this offseason for them. I thought they sucked at the draft, and then they bring in Haynesworth and Ocho. Now they're looking at Housh and Sharper? I don't know who's running their front office now, but to me it seems like he's trying to look like that Pioli guy who went to KC. You can only bring in so many wiley old veterans and expect to be a powerhouse. It's good to keep some cor
  21. I didn't rewatch the game and break down specific peoples' performance...but on the few plays I actually payed attention to Hughes, I seen him getting a ton of push...and it was against someone he would have yielded 50 plus pounds to. Granted I didn't pay a ton of attention to the game, cuz I had a little kid around that was annoying me. But I just don't see why in other threads people have been talking crap about the guy. Same with Pollak. I guess some people just love to hate on certain guys.
  22. He is a free agent. Played guard for the Steelers, and has a lot of girth to him. The Steelers have had a good run game, and he was obviously a big part of it. I'm not sold on our interior oline right now, so I think it would be smart to bring someone like him in. At the very least I would think he could beat out DeVan. Anybody know if he's any good and worth looking into...not that our opinions matter anyway.
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