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  1. Nevis Island!!! Guy's gonna be a baller. Defensive Rookie of the Year!!!
  2. You know...the Pats bringing in all these old, washed up, has beens, is really starting to become a joke. It's almost like BB is thinking, "hmmmm, how can I outsmart everyone else in the league?" I am really liking this offseason for them. I thought they sucked at the draft, and then they bring in Haynesworth and Ocho. Now they're looking at Housh and Sharper? I don't know who's running their front office now, but to me it seems like he's trying to look like that Pioli guy who went to KC. You can only bring in so many wiley old veterans and expect to be a powerhouse. It's good to keep some cor
  3. I didn't rewatch the game and break down specific peoples' performance...but on the few plays I actually payed attention to Hughes, I seen him getting a ton of push...and it was against someone he would have yielded 50 plus pounds to. Granted I didn't pay a ton of attention to the game, cuz I had a little kid around that was annoying me. But I just don't see why in other threads people have been talking crap about the guy. Same with Pollak. I guess some people just love to hate on certain guys.
  4. He is a free agent. Played guard for the Steelers, and has a lot of girth to him. The Steelers have had a good run game, and he was obviously a big part of it. I'm not sold on our interior oline right now, so I think it would be smart to bring someone like him in. At the very least I would think he could beat out DeVan. Anybody know if he's any good and worth looking into...not that our opinions matter anyway.
  5. QB Myself RB Addai WR Wayne, Garcon, Collie TE Clark, Eldridge LT Castonzo LG Ijalana C Saturday RG Pollak RT Linkenbach DE Freeney, Mathis DT Moala, Nevis OLB The Angry Man, Simms MLB Brackett CB Powers, Tryon SS Bullit FS Bethea I foresee Ijalana getting the nod over DeVan at LG and Linkenbach usurping Diem at tackle. I wasn't much of a fan of DeVan so I might just be hoping for his benching, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Link did a pretty good job at RT last year when Diem went down. I like his athleticism and hopefully in the offseason he put on some more girth to get push a
  6. He's beasting it up in practice? I'm surprised he's practicing at all. You guys might want to take a page out of our book and only make him practice once every couple weeks. You don't want to waste him. If you overwork him you won't even get the one defensive posession we got out of him last year. One thing that really bugs me is when people say that he just plays the game harder than the other guys. To me that is an insult to everybody else on the field. He may play a different style of game than others, but all that means is he goes for the big hit rather than making the sure tackle. Since h
  7. Let me say first that I really thought we've had a decent offseason from a personnel perspective. I loved our draft and I thought that the signing of Ernie Simms and Tommie Harris were perfect for our team. The only complaint I have though, is that we didn't make any move to improve the interior of our offensive line. Basically we got Ben Ijalana in the second round...and he's a tackle. To me it looks like we're gonna see another season of DeVan, Saturday, and Pollak as our interior. I think Pollak is decent but DeVan sucks and Saturday is a million years old. Even Polian said last year that t
  8. Somehow I doubt signing a couple more scrubs that haven't been signed by anyone else will not make the difference that you may think it would. Yeah we may not be right against the cap, but the Raiders are 15 million over the cap....how's that working out for them? No we did not sign Nnamdi. No we did not make a trade for Fatsworth. No we didn't sign Reggie Bush, Ronnie Brown, and god knows what other sub par running back that would want too much money to play a position that we'll get the same amount production out of Delone Carter from. I know people are obsessed with the signing of big names
  9. Well that's good to hear. I'm thinking we won't be missing Session at all this year. If Harris and Nevis pan out, and Powers can stay healthy, we might have a pretty good defense this year.
  10. One thing that bothers me is that Joe Reitz a tackle is starting at LG over McClendon. That doesn't say much for a guy who I thought might take over as our new LG this season.
  11. Well to be honest...I thought last year Eldridge was going to be the solution to our run game woes. He still needs to prove he can stay healthy. I've got my fingers crossed that Nevis can become the next Warren Sapp, but we just can't know until we see him in action. I do like what I'm hearing about him though, even if it is against our interior line.
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