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  1. Anyone think there’s a chance he leaves San Fran? They’ve got a lot of decisions to make and can’t franchise tag him, as well as a very limited amount of cap space. We could certainly outbid them. Imagine a left side of him and Big Q with Jonathan Taylor running behind them. We would easily have the best line in the game.
  2. TY - 2Y/22M - he can still play but he’s not Tyreek Hill taking the top of defenses anymore, and with his disappearing act at the beginning of the year I’m afraid to sign him any longer or with too much guaranteed. Partly for sentimental reasons I want him to stay, but I do think he’s still got some juice. Mack - 1Y/1M - Likable player but due to his position and injury, no way can I justify giving him much more than vet minimum. Houston - 1Y/8M - Fell off a lot this year compared to his first year. Still our best edge player, basically by default and I’d be hoping we can g
  3. I get not wanting to slow the game down too much and have coaches challenging penalties/non penalties all game, but the NFL is too big to not have some system in place to ensure the human element is mitigated from changing the results of games. By all rights this game was ours and the refs cost us. Sure, everyone can point to a bad second half game plan and Colts errors, but nothing killed us more than the abomination of one sided reffing. The Kenny Moore PI was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen, and I watched the Saints/Rams playoff game a couple years ago. I would l
  4. My God I know it’s only a couple of people but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such dire pessimism over a 10-4 team losing it’s right tackle for a game against a team who’s lost three straight, one of which was against a bottom three team in the game without its franchise QB.
  5. Nah TE is pretty solid. Each guy has their own role and they are cycled in and out constantly like a running back platoon. I feel pretty confident that MAC would be right there at about the Goedert tier if he played the same amount of snaps. Doyle won’t be winning any track or beauty contests but he plays his role as the checkdown security blanket very well. Burton is more of the gadget TE and to be perfectly honest is much better at that than Ebron was even in 2018 with Luck, he just doesn’t have the bulk numbers. Sure, everyone would like to have Kelce or Kittle, but there are only
  6. Quick Phil, pop a blue pill and get busy old man.
  7. Bush league move from a team that has won nothing in its entire existence other than a couple division titles and almost single handedly ruined the season this year, but hey, they can officially say they won in week 12 of the 2020 season. Congrats Titans, you split with us this year so take the small victories. Maybe one of these years they’ll win something of note.
  8. Not sure if it’s been posted here yet but someone posted it to Reddit. Just insane the double standard in reffing from this game.
  9. Well if he was lining up against Bakhtiari then of course he wasn’t gonna be effective since Bakhtiari was allowed to get off the snap before everyone else.
  10. Best picture I could find of him from this year. He had a different helmet last year that didn’t have the same effect but every time I see him this year the shoe looks weird and skinny. Maybe I’m losing it
  11. Has anyone else noticed how narrow the open part of the horseshoe is Tyquan’s helmet? It is alarmingly so and was by far the biggest flaw in his game today.
  12. If the Jets are in full tank mode, which I believe they are at the top, then why would they trade for Rivers? He’s not a tank commander. They are going to move forward throwing Flacco to the wolves, giving him absolutely no help, not that it would matter much if they did because he’s washed, and they will try to move any assets they have (not many). Gase is a dead man walking and will now just be a figurehead until they can him and try to rebuild in the offseason. They will more than likely have the first overall pick as long as they don’t fire Gase until the end of the year and keep Flacco st
  13. I’m glad somebody pointed this out. People have said our Oline didn’t play well but that is not true. Our line kept Rivers clean other than one play that sticks out where a blitzed up the middle wasn’t picked up, but that one was on the back if I’m not mistaken. A couple bad drops, a couple really bad decisions by Rivers, and a run stuff on fourth down were the worst parts offensively. Defensively it was the usual bad coverage and uncontested passes that lost the game, not the pass rush. Buckner wasn’t great but he played alright, Houston and Autry were both solid.
  14. If Minshew can complete 95% of his passes then Kirk is gonna hit 100%. I bet they throw often at Rhodes with their history and exploit him at every turn. This secondary needs some serious changes next year.
  15. Thank you and welcome even though I see you’ve had a number of posts! I like to see traffic here although I don’t post as much as I used to, mostly just lurking.
  16. Have to exclude the Colts because they’re the obvious answer, so who would you rate number one after that? Personally I think I’d pick the Bills first and the Vikings second but it’s a close call between those two. Worst uniforms have to be the Cardinals and Browns.
  17. I didn’t like the Tyquan Lewis draft pick at the time and saw nothing in his first two years to change that, but I would love to eat a double dose of crow if he continues his impressive three days of camp.
  18. Actually moving Rhodes to SS in Nickel might be a strong consideration. I hadn’t really thought about moving him from where he’s played his whole career but since his athleticism has gone down a little bit and he’s been so bad outside the last two years, having him man up against TEs could be just what his career needs. I liked what Willis showed but he was so bad in coverage that I am really not counting on him to be more than a base package box safety.
  19. Cheating is such an ingrained behavior with the Pats that they did it against a team who was tanking.
  20. Alie-Cox on offense and Turay on defense.
  21. I don’t think the defense will be worse but I’d be lying if I said coverage isn’t a huge concern. We are banking a LOT on Rock improving and becoming a shutdown corner, Rhodes rolling back the clock three years, Moore staying healthy, and Willis holding down the other safety spot where he was serviceable against the run but bad against the pass. We are a couple injuries away from starting Lafayette Pitts and Rolan Milligan, and we know there will be injuries. I did not like the way QBs were carving up the secondary late in the year, although I think a more competent offense will help immensely
  22. Blue is a Hall of Famer and and he generates most of his power from his belly. If he bulked up I fear it would hinder his flexibility and we wouldn’t get to see him smacking down little kids in the peewee league.
  23. Packers and Vikings are home games so at least the two harder opponents are a little easier. I kinda think GB is overrated and didn’t belong in the NFC title game. They also did nothing to improve this year. I would be okay playing them opening weekend and it would be cool to open on Monday night.
  24. I’m very hyped for him. For him to play well enough to make the PFF all rookie team after the utter beating he took against Denver, it shows some seriously impressive mettle in a young guy. He has the necessary physical traits, the mental makeup, and worked his way from a D3 school to a high draft pick. I feel confident that he will be a lockdown, number one corner. Rock Island will be a stud.
  25. Who was the last relevant receiver to wear 86 in the last decade, Hines Ward? I hope Pittman keeps it, too many receivers hoarding all the teen numbers.
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