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    Colt's Football, Reading, Charity Work, The Hubby, Serving Our Lord & Savior, Traveling Adventures & Life!!
  1. Just some shots from our Indy Colts Experience!!!
  2. Don't know who if anybody will read this yet I must say "I & My Hubby bleed Blue". We have been living in Germany as Civilians for the last two years. We are originally from Indy area & have always been major Colts fans (even prePeyton)!! As we are 6 hrs ahead of Indy, we have taken naps, gotten up at 2am to watch games & loved every minute of it. Of Course with the exception of when Peyton was injured and we had to watch him on the side lines. I guess the one thing I pray is that if it is fated for Peyton to go elsewhere~~Let us hold our heads up & bid him a fond farewell to w
  3. Becky Redmon Costello


    Just a shout out to Peyton to say how much we will miss you if you leave!!! It has been a GREAT ride while it lasted & we will never forget PEYTON!!
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