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  1. My heart actually broke yesterday when Peyton said goodbey ! ok so Im a female,and being so, I tend to run on emotion. They say its about buisness, but its deeper than that to me. Nobody said I could ever function on a buisness level in this sport. The thing that was most heart wrenching was when he addressed all of us, the fans. Thats when I saw the most emotion Ive ever witnessed from that man and I cried with him. He looked straight into the camera as if he were looking each one of us in the eye as he spoke and it makes my soul ache. Im also angry, angry that something so right has been made into something so wrong ! Of course I will still be a Colts fan. Those men get on that field every year and play thier hearts out for us. Whats happened is not on them, they are still my team. I just have no respect for Jim and lable him an butt but thats my stuff. I think the real thanks should go out to Peyton ! And from the bottom of my heart sir, I thank you. You are and always will be my QB ! Mr. Luck has a lot to prove. Those are some huge shoes to fill buddy !
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    sorry Peyton, spelled your name wrong ! Its been a heck of a week
  3. I am just devistated by the decision to release Payton ! I have been a Colts fan for as long as the Colts have been in Indy ! i think its a very poor buisness decision and jim, shame on you, wonder what your father thinks about this ? I created an email account just to be able to express my feelings and thoughts about this backstabbing buul crap decision. I live in Henryville, everyone knows what has recently occured here, Thank God the tornado missed my home by less than a mile but all around me is destruction ! You cant even put into words the horror of the annialation around here ! This is my home and darn it, Indy is Paytons home ! For lack of better words this just sucks ! We need a new owner not a new QB ! Jim, YOU are the one responsible for the lack of prepardness our team had to face with Paytons injuries not Paytons ! he did his job, and he did it better than anyone in recent history of the game ! You are the one who failed us all ! You rode on the skirt of Payton and did nothing to make this team what it is ! Im ashamed that you are the owner of such an awsome franchise !
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