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  1. Seems like the exact opposite of Caldwell. Just what I wanted
  2. After that Houston game Week 16, you got the sense he wanted to stay
  3. I hope he can stay here as a mentor for luck, but his skills have started to go away with age
  4. this is like dwight howard getting to decide if the coach and GM get fired. No matter how good a player is, it gets kinda ridiculous if you offer them that much. If their that desperate, Peyton probably won't want to go there
  5. Way to many holes to fix at once. Its gonna take that dreaded world, "rebuilding"
  6. I think the 05 Colts was the most talented team by far. Id take them over any Colts team.
  7. Paul Solai and Robert Meachem would be great fits. I think Meachem would be somewhat costly though
  8. Can you imagine collie, gonzalez, and white being r only WRs next season. Good Wide Receivers, but no real deep threat. I bunch of short little slants and in routs. I don't even think opponents would need a safety...
  9. 3-4 wins. We gotta beat the jags at least once, the titans too. And hopefully we can beat the browns and someone else
  10. As for the NFC East, only two teams (The Cowboys and Redskins) run a 4/3 defense, limiting our options. Plus his 14 million salary would be tough to move at his age.
  11. This week was getting so bad, I was expecting them to cut Mathis a couple days after the new deal .
  12. Hillis definitely wouldn't be cheep, but Douglas would be a decent addition compared to what our wide receivers might be looking like next season
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