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  1. Unfortunately the #1 goal for the media is to keep people's interest. For example, they could repeatedly comment that "Big News about Reggie Miller coming up" for the entire 30 minutes only for that news to end up being something silly like "Reggie was seen drinking Pepsi instead of Coke" I don't how many times I've seen them play up some story that they knew would keep people watching only for the actual story to be insignificant. It's no different then this twisting of what Irsay said. They are just trying to get people to click the link or watch the segm
  2. It's already an alternate universe for a WR to go #1 in the draft. 1996 was the last time that happened.
  3. You mean WR Marvin Harrison Jr, Indiana lol jj
  4. Looks like Hines was not a definite miss. Looked pretty good in the first game that counted.
  5. Luck will catch every ball that is hiked to him. I will guess a ton.
  6. Do preseason games count? Nope. You are just arguing for the sake of arguing. My point was that nothing is definite after 4 preseason games. Yes, he has issues but it's not definite that the Colts brass has already given up on him.
  7. he was signed as an undrafted free agent and given a tryout to make the team. Colts didn't spend a draft pick on him.
  8. More along the lines of it's way too premature to write someone off after the preseason of their rookie year, especially using the word definite. Nothing is definite after 4 preseason games. That was just a slight edit on Allen Iverson's thoughts on practice. Preseason games are just practice against other teams. Hines has things he needs to work on. The only thing I am disagreeing with is writing him off as a definite loss.
  9. definite or probable? definite: clearly stated or decided; not vague or doubtful probable: likely to be the case or to happen I mean, listen, we're talking about preseason, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about preseason. Not a game.
  10. He plays 12 to 13 games a year and probably isn't going against every DL on the opposing team so more than likely he wouldn't have knowledge on the vast majority of prospects. The task should be left to the scouts, whose only job is to find/rate/rank players.
  11. Maybe Giants will take a QB and then Bills will trade for #4 and take a QB so that the first 4 picks are all QBs
  12. 1) Browns - QB 2) Giants - QB 3) Jets - QB 4) Browns - Non-QB (probably Barkley) 5) Denver - Non-QB (probably Nelson) 6) Colts I would guess one of Nelson, Chubb or Barkley will be available when we pick (assuming those are the top 3 choices).
  13. Should have contacted Miss Cleo prior to posting
  14. Not anymore. Bills now have pick #12
  15. We all know Francis is the favorite nephew jj
  16. if barkley goes 1 or 2 then i would wager we could get quite a bit to trade down to a qb needy team
  17. is it mid-march when we might start hearing about free agent signings?? https://operations.nfl.com/football-ops/league-governance/2018-important-nfl-dates/
  18. While Brady throws deflated balls, Luck is over here throwing weighted balls. difference between boys and real men.
  19. I think it was more that none of the 3 have experience at the position for which they were hired (rather than just 1 or 2 of the 3). On the flip side, if you hire someone with experience at the position in this business, then it usually means they were fired because otherwise they would still be with the other team. So is it better to get a known commodity that didn't make it with his previous team or an unknown commodity that will need to learn on the fly. Both have risks.
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