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  1. i switched out wentz for hurts in my fantasy league so hopefully colts can take wentzy off of their hands lol.


    It would be interesting what the poll would look like now that Stafford isn't an option.  Right now, Eason has the 2nd most votes but I bet a lot of those stafford votes would just got to trading for a different QB.


    Philly knows we are desperate for a QB.  I highly doubt we have the leverage to get a pick thrown in.

  2. 42 minutes ago, Superman said:


    I just watched a bunch of him, with coaches film. I'm gonna make a separate post, maybe later today. He had some physical and likely some mental issues in 2020, but there was a lot going on with the Eagles. For him to get back to playing well, he has to make some serious corrections, but I don't see a broken QB. I see a guy who hasn't been coached in a couple years.



    Don't want Hurts. I think it's crazy to want Hurts, while writing off Wentz...


    The assumption was if Philly was keeping Wentz then I was thinking maybe Hurts is available then.


    I thought Hurts looked pretty good finishing the season and he's still young.  


    We don't know if Philly will part with either but they probably have one that is more available than the other.

  3. Hall of Fame is now more like a Hall of Not Being Crappy.


    As long as you have a long career and get stats, then you're good to go in the Hall of Fame.


    Rivers should get in just based on everyone else that has been allowed in.  They probably should just come up with another Hall of Real Fame for the people that are actually GOATs.

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