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  1. I'd go Alfonzo Dennard @ 170 and Burfict @ 206. We strictly need defenders now, otherwise, Streeter would have been nice.
  2. was it really necessary to move up for Hilton?
  3. I guess Fleener is a good selection, but now we need to pick nothing but defenders for three rounds. Bye Upshaw and Jenkins.
  4. ^^^ 14, the other 5 is unavoidable.......... I think Freeney would accept an extension with the right team, allowing us to trade him. The specific team would run a 4-3 and score a lot of pts for Freeney to be effective, he knows it, and so do other GMs. He's an elite, hand in the dirt, pass rusher that any high scoring team could utilize. His specialty coming out of the draft was rushing the passer (4.4 40), which at the time fit perfectly with the Triplets. We cannot turn him into something he is not, so to contend he is terrible is totally inaccurate. I contend he could easily get 10+ s
  5. That's not stupid at all to think an elite prospect might drop. Personally I am hoping for one of the 'Bama backers to drop, Upshaw or Hightower. While I like Brockers, Ta'amu has grown on me a lot, especially in the 3rd, but you're right, Brockers would be impossible to pass on @34. BPA regardless! We can get TE's in the 4th (Charles/Green), 5th (Egnew/Peterson), 6th (Hanna, Ford), or 7th (Koger) rds.
  6. I like the DeAngelo Peterson pick. He was extremely underutilized at LSU, but when they got him the ball he made significant plays. Very athletic and can block too.
  7. Marvin is one of the greatest of all time. Maybe Avery doesn't share his velcro-like snags and precise route running, very few ever have.
  8. St. Louis would literally crap themselves if Blackmon fell to them at the top of the 2nd, considering they would have probably taken him #2 overall. Floyd at #26 ???? way too low. Besides your blatant disregard for w/o's, I like some of the new wrinkles early in your mock (Claiborne#3&Kuechly#5).
  9. I compare his skills to a bigger stronger Kelvin Hayden. Before the arrest I would've easily taken him with a mid-2nd, but now he is dropping like a rock. Currently I'd take him in the 4th, or 5th with no reservations. Regardless, if Pagano feels he can alter the behaviors of some of these so-called problem players, then I will not criticize his decisions until a later date, if need be. (JJenkins/Burfict/Dennard)
  10. I'd love to get Chapman in the 4th, or, like you said, Hicks with pick #136. If we do take a tight end with our first 5th, I'd rather have DeAngelo Peterson out of LSU. He is a physical specimen who was underutilized much like Stephen Hill from GA.Tech. He's powerful and fast, with long arms that help him play to a taller height than he is listed (6'3"). Plus he can seal the edge.
  11. While I like Fleener, giving up a 4th is completely unacceptable. As much as you hear he & Luck are like two peas in a pod, whose to say Luck couldn't develop the same chemistry with someone else. It is not uncommon for great qb's to enhance their teammates perceived worth. I'd rather take a lockdown corner(Jenkins,Gilmore), a beastly linebacker/end (Chandler Jones,Upshaw is dropping), or a prospective #1 wideout (Hill,Wright) with our 2nd rounder. Then in the 4th we take O.Charles, or L. Green. Essentially, is the difference between Fleener or Charles/Green great enough to justify fore
  12. As long as he is not a violent criminal sign him up. I was all for the 2nd round, but say we did pass on him and he somehow makes it back to us in the 3rd, would all the red-flags turn yellow for those who are against taking him at 34? People need to remember that 2/5 of our 2011 draft class featured players that allegedly were involved in criminal activity. Didn't matter, I wanted Rucker and I was happy when they took him in the sixth, really. just saying, it could happen.
  13. Path to the Draft is saying Fleener is virtually a lock to go in the 1st.
  14. Baylor had one of the worst rush defenses in all of Div.I last year. I just don't know about Jean-Baptiste because it started up front with him.
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