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  1. I doubt he gets to 500. Running backs don't "slow down", they fall off the face of the Earth. I'd rather draft a running back and ride him, Gore is done..
  2. If we're going to trade down I'd like to see us hit heavy with defense. (Extra 3ed) 1st round LB..Davis (UF) 2ed round.CB. Adore Jackson (USCw) or DE..Demarcus Walker (FSU) 3ed round.DE..Jordon Willis (KSU) or CB Sidney Jones (UW).. 3ed round..RB..D'Onta Foreman 4th round..DT Vanderdoes (UCLA)
  3. Raven's are allegedly trying to move him, it would most likely take a 4th. He's a fantastic player in his contract year, I'd love to see us dive in..
  4. I'd take Forman out of Texas in the 3ed if he's available. 235 pounds with 4.45 speed, big and fast..
  5. It will end up being Cooks for Butler since the Saints will end up giving the Pats the 32 pick back.
  6. Swap of #1 picks with MAYBE a 5th thrown in. It's not just the talent it's the big contract to.
  7. 3 year 15-18 million should do it. He has more in the tank than Gore and would take a lot of pressure off of Luck.
  8. Butler has an offer from New Orleans. Now the Saints have to make a deal with the Pats, most likely they give up the 32 pick they got from the Pats for The wr Cooks..
  9. This really doesn't make any sense. If that happened you could bet O'Brian would have suspended him before the echo of his tirade was over.
  10. The NFL isn't a good place to learn on the job. You can bet any decent NFL OC is going to exploit his inexperience.
  11. Cooks is good but wr is a dime a dozen with a good qb. Dorset wasn't anything special in college, he was just fast..
  12. When all' said and done it's going to be the #12 pick and Cody Kessler for Jimmy G..
  13. This is so perfect for all involved. Cleveland gets an extra high pick and the Texans can us the extra money to try to get Romo. I have a feeling this type of move will become more common..
  14. I'd make a run at Peterson. He'd make around what Gore makes and has more in his tank..
  15. We could have found a good RB in the later rounds, using a #1 was just dumb. Richardson benefited from the Bama massive OL to put up some big numbers, just like the RB before him did and he won the Heisman. Lacy seems to be doing OK but other than him Bama RB's bust in the league. He dances in the hole, he shows no burst, he lowers his head before hitting the hole and he can't hang onto the ball. I seriously don't know how he'll become a super RB all of a sudden. BTW, Peterson ran behind one of the worst OL's in the NFL, Walter Payton ran behind some of the worst for most of his career.
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