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  1. I'm going to assume he will play in 14 games; in his 25 game career he has 118 catches for 1325 yards and 15 TDs. I'm predicting he will be at his career average of about 5 catches a game (70 total) but up his ypc to 12.5, giving him 875 yard and 8 TDs. Put me down for "UNDER" - but he still will have a very solid season.
  2. Gonzalez needs to show he can stay healthy - I would expect the Colts to give him that chance. He has played in 31 of 48 possible regular season games, with 99 catches and 7 TDs - all decent numbers. Since he is in the last year of his rookie contract, I would expect he will be released unless he plays the entire season and returns to the productivity he had in 2008. His pre-season work so far does not seem to bode well ... but we are really just at the half-way point of the pre-season, so he could still recover. If Blair White cannot get-off the PUP list, that creates a hole in the slot depth
  3. Looks like both Gonzo and Collie are taking this week off ... why go out and get dinged catching (attempting, anyway) high passes (that expose your ribs to CBs) from Painter. Or running routes and getting some muscle strain getting your timing right with Orlovsky? There is no reason for the #1s to really be on the field this week. Let Smith, Brooks, Gilreath, Horn, Moore and Williams get their reps with the B/U QBs so the coaches can decide who they want to keep. Bet you Wayne, Garcon, Collie, and Gonzalez are in every practice next week in preparation for the Packers. (And I sure hope Peyton
  4. How many years ago was that? He's got issues (not as bad as Moss and TO) that the Colts' clubhouse doesn't need. The WR situation is fine and there are good young players coming up ... IMHO the Colts' Front Office needs to stop rummaging through the garbage and focus on more pressing needs like the secondary.
  5. Spann is FAST and EXPLOSIVE. He runs well between the tackles and in space. He is very motivated to make the team and show the Indiana universities that 'passed him over' what they missed. He's also noted as a hard worker. He should become a very productive pro.
  6. Gilreath is doing very well with the KR chores. If he can make some plays in the pre-season I expect him to get the KR job. He is also doing pretty well assimilating the playbook as well at WR. He is a tad small for WR, but he is tough and willing to take anybody on.
  7. Of course they are rookies, but Horn and Gilreath are faster than Garcon - Horn torched someone (Lacey, I think) a couple days ago on a fly and caught the ball about 4 yards behind him. It was so bad, Gonzo was teasing the DB for getting burned by a rookie. Gilreath is getting some rave reviews for his return efforts and looked solid during the Wednesday PM practice. As others have pointed out, our receiver corps is fine - spend money on safetys, DTs, and other defenders - not end-of-career divas who just want to recapture their lost glory.
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