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  1. Hey, just curious, where did you find that quote from my user name? I didn't type that and its not my quote. Something weird is happening, I read that a couple of times to make sure I wasn't going crazy and well, Im not, Thats not my quote!

    I think the top part (that you didn't say) is their response to the first quote and it just got mixed into the quote box for your post. :)

  2. Some people are questioning his wrist and/or the brace. And everybodysgotone asked about the procedure he had done in another thread. So I'm just giving some information here, please don't shoot the messenger! :) I'm not throwing my opinion into this thread. lol

    When I noted the protective wrap he was wearing during contact practice, Clark acknowledged that somewhat reluctantly, he will be wearing the brace throughout the year. "I'm not a big fan of wearing a brace, but it's one of those things where it doesn't inhibit me from doing what I need to do, which is exciting." Clark noted that the brace doesn't keep him from catching the ball and, he cleverly added, "It doesn't make me run slower." Doctors say the time frame is approximately one year for full recovery (October will mark the one-year anniversary), so the brace essentially provides some additional protection, but Clark is free to participate in all activities, no restrictions.


    So, I guess we should see soon if that brace is going to come off this year and if his play gets better if it does.

    Here's what the surgery was...

    "After the injury, Dr. Wiedrich in Chicago sewed the three ligaments back together and inserted two pins in my wrist to keep my wrist immobile while the ligaments healed," Clark told the Independent Monday. "I was placed in a cast that went over my elbow for two months."

    "Two weeks ago he removed the pins which didn't require surgery. He just numbed the skin and cut a couple of slits to pull the pins out," Clark said. "I am now in a cast that's up to mid-fore arm, and I'll be in it until January 19."


    Make of all that what you will.

  3. I remember Polian talking about the unusual nature of his wrist njury and that it would take time. Accepting that at face value, I wonder if his rehab/return to usual function using his hands might take better than a year....along the line of a repairable knee problem for a RB? I'd like to know what medical procedure(s) he underwent.

    Supposedly, the wrist brace is an extra precaution only. The full recovery is approx. 1 year. One year will be up sometime this month, so we'll see if it really comes off or not.

    There's an article out there that got a little more detailed about his surgery (not much)...I'll see if I can dig it up for you.

    Edit: Found it. I'll post it to the Clark thread so I don't pull this one off topic. :)

  4. Not only do we not have the power to block access to a visible thread, we also would have no reason to do that if we could. The only actions we are able to take are to move, merge, close, delete, or edit problematic threads/posts. If you can see a thread on the board, it has not been deleted and that would be the only way you wouldn't be able to access it. What you have most likely run into was either a glitch of some sort or you tried to access them while the board was momentarily down (it does that from time to time). I can see them fine and the last reply in the thread was after you posted this.

    There are ALWAYS posts here that are negative towards people in the organization from the smallest tier all the way up to Polian and Irsay. They go unedited as long as they are within the rules and don't get deleted just because it's someone of importance.

    What you're implying is completely false.

  5. Just a reminder for everyone...

    14. NO PERSONAL SHOTS: Please realize that this is a community of all types of fans - Please keep your personal judgments regarding other member's football knowledge, typing skills, grammar skills, or intelligence to yourself. Personal shots derail threads and contribute to an overall negative feel to this forum community. We ask for and expect mutual respect. Personal shots may result in suspension or termination of your membership.

    These threads should not keep turning into personal arguments. If you disagree...fine! Discuss why you do, that's what the board is for. You DON'T need to slip in shots at other people to do that. Please keep this in mind for future posts or lose posting privs...that simple.


  6. Everyone needs to just chill and remember the rules.

    We're all on edge over the Manning situation. However, it's not an excuse to throw the rules out the window.

    NO personal attacks or name calling.

    NO masked cursing or trying to get around the word filter.

    If you have a problem with the mods... Either report a post or PM one of us to discuss it.

    Take your personal arguments to PMs. They have no place on a discussion board.

    And keep in mind our primary motto "Don't be a jerk."

    We've got some good discussions going...let's not overrun them with playground antics.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Interesting. Clark loves this one and he had already been wearing a different helmet designed to reduce impact/cut down on concussions. Must be a good one.

    And it's beyond me why the media just won't leave Collie alone. He's made it very clear he doesn't want to keep discussing last year. I think the answers he gave about it in SI pretty much summed everything up for everyone. :dunno:

  8. Just FYI for everyone. This *IS* now the forum for the FAN COMMUNITY known as COLTS DIRECT. This type of forum simply works better than the discussion area that was built into the original platform. But it is the hope that everyone will take advantage of all that the entire fan community has to offer.

    We are still one site. :D


    Exactly, same wood, different tree. We're two sides of the same coin, completely complimentary to each other. We go together like coffee and donuts, Salt and pepper, bananas and ice-cream...you get the idea.

    There is no them and us, we are 'them' and they are 'us'.


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