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  1. 100GFB will soon be leaving the forum.  It’s been great but it’s time to leave the building.  It’s nothing on anyone just time to start a new chapter or even a new book!  Yikes I hate to read!  This forum has been great as I can’t go to the bar down the street and talk Colts football.  I don’t live in Indiana nor any of the neighboring states so this provided me with news - good or bad it was news on my team.  I enjoyed reading the friendly and sometimes outrageous banter but it was Colts news.  I’ll always be a Colts/Indiana fan.  As a Colts fan let’s just say my fan base goes back to The Horse, Johnny U, Big Daddy and Mutz.  My favorite toy as a youngster was an Indy 500 replica.  Lol!  It was metal and heavy.  SW1/Ruston you could say it was heavy metal.  I may be back but it’s time to leave the building.

    1. southwest1


      Hold the phone there GFB. If you need a temporary holiday from the forum to recharge, renew, & revitalize yourself fine.


      Please don't "Runaway" on my account. I'd miss not having your humor & good cheer around here anymore brother. 



      "I wah wah, wah, wonder....why he ran ran away...Why, why, Why?" 


      You will be deeply missed man. Please stay in touch 100GFB. I love your jokes too. PM me please when you feel up to it. Thanks. 

    2. southwest1


      "It’s nothing on anyone just time to start a new chapter or even a new book!  Yikes I hate to read!"


      You can just listen to books on tape you know. Or even better, have me read you books with voices & accents for your own amusement. Or just let me read a paragraph as written & then engage in my own brand of commentary. LOL! Whatever you prefer buddy.  

    3. southwest1


      That does sound like a heavy metal toy. Don't drop it on your foot if you can help it GFB. 


      "I may be back but it’s time to leave the building." Like Elvis ya mean? 


      You're always welcome back even if RR7 & I have to smuggle ya back in. 


      Don't be a stranger man. Is everything okay? I sincerely hope so. Let me know. 

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