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  3. Cinco de Mayo!  Tamale pie is done and now chilling with my Corona!

  4. I'm not happy until I'm mad!

  5. RIP!  Tommy Kono.  Weightlifting Olympic medalist in three weight divisions, Olympic weighting coach, HOF, Mr. Physique but most importantly a gentleman and humble person!

  6. I'm good!  Did dinner, waiting for wife and kids to get home and best of all chilling with my Coors Light!  Life is good!  

  7. May the Easter Bunny bring all the joys of the world to you!

    1. southwest1


      Thanks 100GFB. Same to  you too buddy! Send me a good joke when you hear it...We're all adults here so we can skip the PG ones. LOL! 

  8. My sciatic nerve is a pain in the butt!

    • We need to control our own destiny and get a W.  We should not be concerned with the W/L of others in our division.  Just win baby!
    1. BrentMc11


      I agree.  There are still 27 teams in the playoff hunt.  I have never seen so may poor football teams in  my life.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    1. BrentMc11


      You too Mr. 100GFB!! :)

  10. Somehow individually (the respective positions) aren't that good but collectively the defense is much better. Good or decent but room for much improvement! Yup the whole darn pie taste so much better than that scrawny little slice.
  11. No disrespect to C7 on his grading of the offense blog but and somehow this has turned into a keep/fire Grigs/Pagano blog. Sorry C7! Both came in as rookies in their given position and both performed admirably, personally I would say Pagano more so than Grigs. I think Grigs job is more demanding but that's the job description. Are we at the level/position we'd like to be? No! Did Grigs get the players Pagano/team needs? No! Yes he tried but the players did not pan out. Did Pagano coach the team to where we as fans want? No! You could say Grigs did not stock the cupboard with prope
  12. Colts7, I feel the same way about Pagano and Grigs. Seems that Pagano is a players coach and the players respect him. He's not a screamer or in your face guy but seems to have the respect of the players! The learning curve is more on Grgs than Pagano.
  13. Unfortunately there a hole at the bottom of that coffee cup and soon will be empty unless we patch that hole or get a new coffee cup!
  14. RIP Cory Wells of Three Dog Night!

    1. crazycolt1


      Only one Dog left.

  15. 808 Colts fans. Have a game schedule and poster if any 808'er want

  16. I agree that our O is not in sync! Yes in order to win you must either score more points than your opponent or hold your opponent to less than what you have. In my opinion it was our D that held the Tex to less points! As Colts 7 says the hill is still there but not as steep! We still need to work on our O and D but we're getting there - slowly but there is progress.
  17. I remember a coach saying, the harder you practice, the harder you play, the harder you play the luckier you get! Yes we played hard but something just isn't clicking! Is it the team? Specific group? Individual players? Coach/coaches/administration? Several of us will point to specific players and or area of concern but at this point we have no answers!
  18. Colts7, I mentioned the comment by Warren Moon now here's another one from my former 1st Sgt. He be walking around talking/checking on us and we'd talk. One day we asked him as a 1stSgt doesn't he have a lot of paper work? He said yes but 1. I need to be with my men. 2. ( the great comment) He said the sign of a good administrator is not how good you are but surround yourself with good people! He said I've good 71L (clerks) in the office, good platoon Sgt's and that leaves me time with my troops! C'mon Grigs surround Luck with good troopers!
  19. An ugly W is better than an exciting defeat but we have problems that must be addressed!
  20. Going home. The last leg of my journey.

    1. BrentMc11


      Have a safe trip. I hope you had a great time in spite of the loss.

    2. alawai


      Thanks Brent. Too bad we couldn't meet up. Hey there's always next time!

  21. Colts7 is the report card F/F- or did the team withdrew and took the Incomplete?
  22. I honestly feel it's the O, yes the D isn't the best but if the O scores it does change the complexity of the game. The timing with the QB/WR is totally off! Yes the QB is getting pressured but the check-offs are not working! Yes its bad, I traveled 4,000 miles to watch my Colts do a satire on the NFL and the both elevators at the motel was down! Great weekend! I'm not jumping off the bandwagon, Colts7 will not question my loyalty but for the others my blood runs deep! Big Daddy, Gino, The Horse, Johnny U, Donovan and the list goes on! I hope this just a shopping mall speed bump and hope
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