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  1. alawai

    San Diego

    We ended at BJ in Hazard Center. Again thanks guys
  2. alawai

    San Diego

    Thanks Z but I’m in Old Town but will be checking out places.
  3. alawai

    San Diego

    Thanks guys. I’m on a short vacation here so just checking out places to go.
  4. alawai

    San Diego

    Any recommended bar/restaurant to watch the game on Sunday?
  5. 1. Tree? Was it the first tree on the left or first tree on the right? 2. The electric fence is for opponents.
  6. Darn you’re right there’s no one in line even in 10 items or less express line!
  7. Lol! l’ll be walking around but seats in Section LR, Row K, Seat B. For the inquiring minds - LR=living room, K=kitchen and B=bathroom and forget the seat number!
  8. Attended the home opener last weekend so won’t be at the Lucas. If the game is televised locally/national game I’ll be sitting on my sofa. If not I’ll be at the bar. GO COLTS!
  9. Indy here I am!

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    2. southwest1


      You must be INDY's good :clover: charm because whenever you attend a game live the Colts win buddy. 


      I think Jim Irsay should fly in for every home game at a bare minimum. Works 4 me.

    3. alawai


      Yup love that idea!

    4. southwest1


      I'm telling ya man. If you would have been at LOS on Sunday, the Raiders would not have won alawai. 


      Not scientific proof of anything concrete I know, but I like that theory & I'm sticking to it. 

  10. Thanks LO but any tidbits of information would be appreciated.
  11. I have a few hats but wife keeps saying, that’s too much toss a few out! She also says that of my t-shirt collection. I admit I had a few shirts and I still have a dresser drawer full of Colts shirt. Lol! I made a deal with her, I’ll rid my dresser of shirts if she makes a quilt out of it. She did and now I have a quilt made with shirts but my dresser is still full!
  12. Indy 500!  As a little kid I’d get up at 0 dark thirty to listen to the Indy 500.  Yes listen on my transitor radio with the black leather casing. No live TV but tape delay.  With a little luck got stationed at Ft. Knox and made it to the 500!  Good times!

    1. southwest1


      Cool trip down memory lane there. There's no other medium like radio; the 1 on 1 intimacy of it between broadcaster & listener. Okay, maybe modern day podcasts fit into that category as well I suppose. 


      It's the closest thing the world has to Fireside chats man. Nice. Thanks for sharing alawai. :hat:


  13. Lol! From Colts football to epicurean delights!
  14. Yes a friend of mine was a HS swimmer and competitive surfer and felt at ease in the water. He joined the Navy and during the swim test he killed it and was selected to enter the Seals training. He dropped out because he said it wasn’t for him. Did he have ice in his veins, yes he did but being a Seal just wasn’t for him. As being a cross between a professor and a hitman, he served in Nam and was a decoder. He sat in a locked hut or shipping container with a armed guard (he also had a piece) and on free time he volunteered to run with the riverboats delivering supplies. Yes as tough/good/smart as he was, being a Navy Seal wasn’t for him. I joked with him that I’d go to war with him but if he was a Seal I’d feel safer. Moral of the story, no matter how big, strong, smart, talented you are you still need the “IT” factor. Thanks Harry for your service.
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