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  1. 100GFB will soon be leaving the forum.  It’s been great but it’s time to leave the building.  It’s nothing on anyone just time to start a new chapter or even a new book!  Yikes I hate to read!  This forum has been great as I can’t go to the bar down the street and talk Colts football.  I don’t live in Indiana nor any of the neighboring states so this provided me with news - good or bad it was news on my team.  I enjoyed reading the friendly and sometimes outrageous banter but it was Colts news.  I’ll always be a Colts/Indiana fan.  As a Colts fan let’s just say my fan base goes back to The Horse, Johnny U, Big Daddy and Mutz.  My favorite toy as a youngster was an Indy 500 replica.  Lol!  It was metal and heavy.  SW1/Ruston you could say it was heavy metal.  I may be back but it’s time to leave the building.

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    2. TheRustonRifle#7


      Will hate to see you go my friend and hope maybe you will have a change in heart?  Best of luck always!

    3. Nadine


      We have loved having you here.  How many years has it been?

    4. alawai


      Well Nadine I’ve been with the old site and I was in the Colts Fan Club.  I have a T-shirt that say “member Colts fan club charter member”.  Yes it’s been a looooog time.

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