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  1. I never know what to expect from our D each week.
  2. He has great hands, and is pretty athletic. He's a pretty decent tackler though. With that said, I think he fits our zone heavy scheme, more than the Pats and Dolphins scheme(which leans towards man to man)
  3. Hmmm, why did he get cut in the first place??
  4. I don't know how I would react if we let a guy like Reggie go, then keep Lacey or Brown. I think I'd go into an incomparable rage, that could not be stopped.
  5. I saw that too, and yelled, "THROW THE :cuss: BALL CURTIS!!!". I lost my mind when he just froze long enough for Harrison and Palomalu to get back there. But the O-line did exception against the Steelers of all teams. Addai's pass blocking is seriously second to known amongst the RB's in this league, guys such a team player. Although, I hated when they weren't adjust to Troy, who basically played on the line of scrimmage 4 all of the 4th Q. They did at times, only when they ran it away from him. But the left him unblocked waaaaay too many times. And it took him little time to figure out the
  6. Yea, at least someone gave us some props. Anyone see Gameday? My goodness, Deion, we get that you hate the Colts, but at least try to hide it. He gave the Colts D 0 props. Then said the Steelers shouldn't be concerned, because they gave the ball away 3 times, and still won. WHAT!!??
  7. ^^^^ As athletic and talented as Troy is, I think Clark would've had the match up 1-on-1 is Peyton was throwing it to him. I agree with you completely. Clark usually can't be matched up 1 on 1 when Peyton is throwing it to him, we saw how teams have double teamed him(or even triple team in rare cases). But that was just an awful throw by Kerry, I also think Reggie bested Ike Taylor for most of the night.
  8. I think he's a guy, that's at his best when Peyton is on the field, or is only useful when Peyton is on the field. There are several times Collins could've hit him on the seam, but those just aren't throws he can't hit accurately.
  9. I think the secondary did a solid job with tackling though, and there wasn't toooo much YAC. Been wouldn't have had nearly 400yds if the offense was able to stay on the field. We ran against the Steelers!!! And Addai was hitting that hole hard. But at times it felt like it was, the Steelers offense, defense, and our own offense vs. our defense
  10. I think if our Offense was able to stay on the field consistently, are D will improve, they were so winded. I was surprised at how solid they were when it came to tackling and getting to the ball.
  11. Thanks Stainless, this was truly a great game.
  12. The Steelers are suspect in pass protection, they excel at run blocking though.
  13. I wouldn't bet on it, next year? Yes, definitely, this season, no. It would be better in the long term if he waited till next year anyways. Texans are good, but we're not even 1/4 into the season yet, so anything can happen. We've seen teams go 8-0 then end the season 8-8. No one can really see the end of this season, this early.
  14. Um...? What context are you reading my comment in? "On offense no question." That's what I meant. " Defense? (Granted Freeney is/was great) Sanders could never stay in once piece." Doesn't matter, defense is the reason we even won an SB under Manning. They were the number 1 D in the playoffs that year, when it mattered most.
  15. This was a great game. And trust me Pats fans, we know all about dropped TD passes, and tipped INT's. Although Brady wasn't sacked, he was pressured well enough. Surprisingly, by the team that's 31 in sacks, and getting to the QB. That 3rd pick was just Brady being desperate and predictable(the one to the TE on the seam). If anything, the Pats will have to keep their guard up against the Jets. This game exposed A LOT of flaws in the team, but nonetheless, you guys are nowhere near our level mediocrity at the moment lol. I expect the Pats to bounce back. But need to work on their flaws, quick
  16. Almost pick 5, Brady's getting desperate, he needs to settle down.
  17. This is when Bill and Tom are the most dangerous
  18. lol, we were the last team he threw 4 picks against.
  19. As great as Brady is, I'm still not convinced he's the best of this generation. When I watch the Pats play, I see a great team. An awesome special teams, a hall of fame coach(spygate or not), a defense that gets turnovers(2nd last year in most TO's), and probably the best pass protecting lines in the league. I mean, he barely see's pressure. And when he has seen a good amount of pressure, that most QB's see regularly, he makes some questionable throws. Not to say he isn't good under pressure, he excels in pocket presence. But I don't see him doing that behind an average or inconsistent line. H
  20. I hope all of that was for the sake of sarcasm lol. Either that, or you don't talk to enough fans.
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