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  1. Apparently thats what happens when you let decent players walk on free agency and waivers. Polian must like scab players that were 3rd string players from college or cut from one of the other teams because they sucked. Well thats what we're working with for sure. A coaching and front office mentality that wouldn't work anywheres.
  2. Caldwell as the HC: As an FYI, since becoming the Colts HC, Caldwell has a 2-19 record (including preseason and playoffs) when Manning has not played a full game. With Manning he’s 26-8. 28-27 overall.
  3. Come on, there is no problem here everyone is just overreacting! Just stop complaining Polian have it under control., Caldwell and Coyer have it under control. Blame Lacey, Garcon and Painter.
  4. Fifteen more minutes and this nightmare is over... for this week!
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