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  1. How many points did our colts score in the second half of the AFC champ game? 0. Nobody could get open at all. Thats why the d fell apart. They were on the field to whole half. Why does nobody remember this? If the offense can keep on the field and score points, it helps the d.
  2. One thing nobody is mentioning is that prior to this season, he was considered a top ten prospect by many. He was quick and aggressive and made plays. . Seems this year he got himself in a lot of trouble and it effected he football mightily. If he can get back to his sophomore playing ability, he will be a steal. If not, curb
  3. 2nd Round: A) Deone Buccanon, B) Jeremiah Attaochu, C) Devante Adams 3rd Round: A) Trai Turner, B) Trent Murphy, C) Bashaud Breeland 5th Round: A) Walt Aikens, B) Terrance Mitchell, C) Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff 6th Round: A) Micheal Sam, B) Tre Boston, C) Max Bullough 7th Round: A) James White, B) Jeff Janis, C) Andrew Jackson
  4. I know he doesn't get much love here but he is exactly the type of receiver the colts would love. He is huge, can stretch the field, killer redzone target and he loves to block. I saw some of his blocks and they were huge hits. If teams try to double TY, they would pay for it.I know people will say WR isn't a need but its an investment. Receivers take time to get up to speed. Usually at least two years. We were spoiled with how fast TY got going. In two years, Reggie will be retired and Nicks might be long gone. Getting a potential #1 receiver now is great value at 59. Most years he would be a
  5. I have been reading lots about the guards in this draft and one thing really stood out to me about Trai. If you read his overview on NFL.COM, the last bit is very interesting. "might be an even better center than guard in NFL". Since he is already a great poer blocker at guard, maybe center he will really shine
  6. Sorry man. I must have misunderstood your post. Thought you meant they were going in the third. My bad
  7. I have to say you you Benjamin and Borland ranked way too low. There is a very good chance they are both drafted in the first round and no chance they get out of the second.
  8. This draft is deep at the front end at WR and CB. There is a very good possibility that the 59th pick will be one of these positions. Safety is not deep and likely the top 5 will be gone and there is a big drop off after that. There will very likely be a run on pass rushers too and likely the guys available at 59 would be reaches. Likely better value at 90 for OLB. If I were forced to put money on it, my guess is there will be a WR or CB available that would normally be a first round guy but fell due to depth. I'm leaning more to WR as it is the deepest position by far. I know people keep
  9. Adrian Hubbard would be a solid pick for the Sam backer position. Great length, very good at dropping back at coverage, good at setting the edge. Needs more moves in the pass rush though. He's a terrible pick for rush backer but great for sam backer.
  10. If you are drafting a pass rusher, it needs to be from a position other than rush backer. Coaches and GM have stated werner is the rush back of the future and they are happy with him. A sam backer would be a good pick up. Van Noy in the second or Hubbard in the third would be solid. Both are good in run d and cn cover well and have showed potential as a rusher. A rush from the interior would be nice too. Maybe Quarles in the third. Very disruptive. Borland can provide a pass rush when blitzing. Mc Nary also showed potential when blitzing too
  11. If the colts do draft a safety, one the biggest things will be his tackling ability. I know people want a true center fielder type FS but so far that's not the system they want to play. They want two safeties who can be interchangeable. Last year they were both very physical hard hitting guys. Buccanon would fit that mould very well. Bailey would be pretty good as well with linebacker background although he isn't a huge hiitter but has great coverage abilities. Loston would be great around the box and can drop into a zone but isn't great at man coverage. Joyner is a great tackler and playmake
  12. I'd be very happy getting Borland in the second but it is very unlikely. Apparently many scouts have given him first round grade. He is a tackling machine, slips off blocks very well, is rarely fooled, takes great angles and drops into a zone well. He is not great at man coverage and that's why he isn't a top 15 pick along with less than ideal size. He just makes plays. Landry is a player who I wouldnt be excited about. Id be fine with it but not stoked. He would be our #4 receiver if everybody is healthy but would give us a solid player and depth for next year when reggie and nicks are F
  13. Just checked now: cbs - 3-4 draftek 3-4 walter football - 2-3 espn 5-6 nfl 5-6
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