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  1. 25 minutes ago, Moosejawcolt said:

    I agree, Brissett is an overpaid backup.  Ballard tried to get ahead of the game and reworked Brissett,'s contract.  It didn't work and now he is an over paid, but I beleive one of the best back ups in the league. Many people believe that the Colts r built to win now. I , myself , believe that Ballard is juat  trying to build a strong roster for the next qb. So if Rivers goes down in the say 3rd game,you are confident with Kelly and Eason being your backups? 


    As far as being built to win now or for the next QB, I think this team has the best of both worlds.  There is a lot of young talent on this team that won't reach their prime until after Rivers is gone.  At the same time, this team is talented enough to make the playoffs and once they get there anything could happen.  Outside of Kansas City, the AFC is wide open now.  

  2. On 4/25/2020 at 7:35 AM, AustexColt said:

    If you believe that Tom Rathman will fix the fumbling issue. You basically got a Zeke in the 2nd Round with Marlin Mack splitting time.  Throughout Reich's time he needed to have a running game that he can count on game in and game out. Without having the RB depth that is very difficult, esp with a 17 games schedule. I am very very confident that Marlin will get his money. 


    You cannot win championships without a solid, dependable running game. With an average QB like Tannehill, the Titans beat the Patriots.  Taylor and Mack is a tandem that puts the entire NFL on notice. 


    If you look around the league, tandem starting running backs are a thing and the only real way to have a successful running game every week throughout the season.   Also while Mack has been carrying the workload, it's also taken a toll on his body.  This could help keep him healthy while also being insurance for when he does get injured. 

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  3. 9 hours ago, krunk said:

    The staff and the GM is telling you they are carrying 3 QBs this year. It makes sense that they want to see Eason compete with Kelly.  I believe they also dont want to rush the guy on the field too fast. Thats why Ballard in particular keeps down playing any future expectations.


    It makes good sense to have Jacoby as the #2 during the regular season so if Rivers goes down weve got a guy with a good deal of experience who can take over. Jacoby is a solid back up if you remove the hatred. And hes got the trust of the locker room despite what happened during the second half of last season. Its not like hes incapable of winning any games. No need to hurry Easons development more than what is necessary.


    Ballard just sat there and told all of us that Jacoby is the #2 backup for 2020 so i dont know why people are acting like theres some secret plan being worked behind the scenes to eventually trade Jacoby and move Eason to the #2 spot.







    Agree with all of this and it's pretty much what I came into this thread to say.  Eason is very green and probably won't be ready to play in his first season.  Sitting on the bench, learning the playbook and watching Rivers play, while picking his mind would do him the most good. In this era, we see a lot of rookies just go into the league ready to start, but I don't see this being the case for Eason, if anything it could stunt his growth and create bad habits. 


    Brissett is ready to go and a strong insurance plan as a backup for an aging Rivers.   Don't need any pressure to start Eason this season, just let him sit back and learn.  

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